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Gardeners & Graziers

Tipuana Tree being Pruned and Shaped for Garden Food Crop Shade + Leaf Litter. Under ideal conditions Tipuana will grow 2 metres tall first growing season. Bulk Seedlings Available from March 24. Jacaranda ready NOW.
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ALSO Leucaena Tree Legume is a Special Fast Growing Tree used for Cattle Fodder. Leaves can be cut for grazing birds and leaves added to chicken mash.
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Gardeners & Graziers

If you want to “JUST STOP OIL” you can only rely upon macro + micro life forms to replace the “Haber Bosch Process” of making ammonium fertilisers, otherwise globally, people will go hungry without nitrogen based fertilisers. From the ground up – cattle + microbes can be managed to sequester nitrogen + carbon for the maximum production of proteins + fats + carbs without fossil fuels. “JUST ADD WATER”  

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Gardeners & Graziers

Sheep in “Turkey Nest Garden” are a source of nutrient for Food Crop Gardens. Trampled ground is planted to Green Leaf Fodder Crops as “Green Pick” for Chooks + to Smother Grasses + Weeds + restore Organic Soil Matter. Planted Annually to Pumpkin Vine Crops .
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Gardeners & Graziers

ACTIVATED English Oak Acorns available from April 2024 onwards – Plant direct into Tubes or Prepared Tree Hole – PROVEN METHOD of Low Cost English Oak establishment. Detailed Notes provided.
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Gardeners & Graziers

Carob Pods are a Potential “Dryland Crop” in 600 mm Rainfall Zones. Bunya Pine will thrive in selected soils and locations.

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Bunya Pine Super Tube Seedlings up to 500 mm Tall @ $150.00 per Box of 16 Delivered QLD NSW VIC (BULK STOCK Available)        


saltbush pollen

Old Man Saltbush Pollen is a potent source of Natural Vitamin E. Pollen is dried and crumbled. It is then used as a topping on cheese. It can be mixed with honey and olive oil. It can be added to a banana smoothie. Goes well with slices of orange. Saltbush Pollen Samples with all Saltbush Orders.           
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gardeners and graziers

BUNYA PINES at Janahn Forest East of Jimbour Australia planted 2006 on Loam Hillside now up to 6 metres tall. There is a reason why they grow so well here on 600mm annual rainfall only. Uphill there is a Iron Bark Forest on a Sandstone Ridge. After big rainfall, water that soaks uphill flows through the topsoil loam that sits on top of clay. So once a tree taps into a hillside water vein it can grow much faster. This type of sandstone country is one of the main sources of water that flows underground to The Great Artesian Basin of Inland Australia.

Bunya in Super Tubes Boxes 4 + 16 + 20. Also Box of 16 Mixed with Bunya + Hoop + Belah + Port Jackson Figs = 4 of Each in Super Tubes. DEEP TREE HOLE PREP also HELPS.    
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turkey nest garden

PROFILE: Turkey Nest Construct for Summer Vines of Pumpkin + Watermelon + Giant White Cucumber is Ultra Productive + Water Efficient as applied water can be stored deep to reduce evaporation.

Water is initially applied to the vines tap root zone to encourage roots to grow downwards. As large vines mature they develop a network of surface feeder roots that are protected by its own canopy shade. Deep roots can access deep stored water.

Each Turkey Nest is allocated about 20 square metres surface area. One good Pumpkin will yield 100kg of fruit. One Giant White Cucumber planted December will produce upwards of 80 fruit. The Turkey Nest is fertilised in Autumn with sheep contained in portable sheep yards. Winter crops are then be planted as part of an ongoing Double Cropping System.
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turkey nest

Double Cropping with Turkey Nest in centre planted September with Pumpkin. Crop was pulled up New Years Day. All residual plant growth is then piled into centre – hence the name “Turkey Nest Garden”. Stone Wall Hedge of Vetiver Grass in Foreground (and to left) acts as a biological barrier against encroaching grasses. Vetiver may be periodically cut as mulch. It is a long lived “sterile tussock grass” that only grows from divisions. This cleared section is now being prepared for Autumn plantings of Daikon Radish. The Turkey Nest itself will be planted again in Spring to Pumpkin/Cucumber/Melon. PHOTO: 01/012024
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broad leaf bottle tree

Broadleaf Bottle Tree planted 2008 is now 5 metres tall. Bottle Tree is Winter Deciduous to produce bulk leaf litter. This tree is planted onto a hillside terrace of hard yellow clay that was cleared of topsoil. It was hand watered for its first year only.
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Narrow Leaf Bottle Tree planted as a Remembrance Tree WW 1 1920’s on Sandy Loam Soil 600 mm Rainfall Zone Darling Downs. Broad Leaf Bottle Tree grows as Tall (but not so wide) and is faster growing. Bottle Trees have “long carrot like roots” so to accelerate growth deep porous tree hole preparation is important.
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Belah is an Inland Casuarina. Hard Seed Cones the size of a 20 cent piece accumulate at the base of the tree to create a deep mulch mat of organic matter that conserves moisture + increases rainfall penetration. Belah is a tall long lived tree often planted as windbreak. Seed Kits available.
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silky oak

SILKY OAK in FLOWER October ’23. Trees attract Multitudes of Nectar Loving Birds. Silky Oak thrives here on Impoverished Sandy/Clay Duplex Soil. One of the Fastest Growth Trees from Gondwana.  Once Tap Roots are Established they are also amongst the Most Dry Tolerant Trees from Gondwana. BULK SEEDLINGS available from March 2024 for Cool Season Planting. 
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4 Year Old Wilga + 2 metres tall is growing extra fast due to its companion post firmly planted 1 metre deep into the ground. The post is a conduit for Wilga Roots to follow down. Fast Track Tap Root Development with 600 mm deep tree holes backfilled with wood shavings is best all round method proven to work.
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