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Welcome to “Almanac of Trees” a new Service commencing August 2023. SUBSCRIBE to our “Almanac” as a Free Customer Service by adding your details to the CART BELOW. You will be notified via email when new material is added to this page + receive first round offers for special “Almanac Tree + Seed Deals”. PHOTOS BELOW from our Inaugural Almanac Special Feature 2023. This method of direct planting tree seed has been tested over the last two winters with oaks. This is the 3rd winter test run with Cork Oak.              

FOUR PHOTOS Below are only Part of The Story = Become a Subscriber = Free Customer Service = WITH Special Tree Seed Deal Offers sent Twice a Year Autumn + Spring. NEW LOW COST BOX of 42 MIXED FOREST TUBES are Listed in BELAH TREES for Sale via Link ABOVE.  Cork + English Oak ACORNS will be available from APRIL 2024 onwards. SUBSCRIBERS receive First Round Offers on Acorns + Special Deals on LOW COST TREES when they are ready to supply. FOR more content relevant to planting all types of seedling trees  GO TO: BEST TREE PLANTING METHOD

cork oak

Low Cost TREE Seed PLANTING with Cardboard Cylinder. Previously we have experimented with other materials like the besser block. This is now our 3rd Winter of planting Cork Oak + English Oak direct into prepared tree hole. Other materials are useful but redundant with cardboard simply because you can let the cardboard break down + not disturb the emerging seedling. THIS METHOD WORKS + WORKS WELL yet is Only Part of the STORY.  Subscribe for Regular UPDATES and Access all New Research Material. 

tree seed

BESSER BLOCK is placed on top of acorn seed already placed into a prepared tree hole. Oaks will emerge from August Sept onwards – so we use wood shavings or a cap to protect seedlings from frost. Acorns are capped in ground with sand to provide ease of emergence. Deep planting to 150 mm is recommended.

tree seed

Besser Block with acorns in place filled with wood shavings. Best not to bury any part of block as you might disturb roots when lifting block off. Cardboard Tubes are the better option to date for this reason.

tree seed

English Oak planted June 2022. Once seedlings emerge they require tree guard protection from wind/sun. Date of Photo Spring 2022

Not all Tree Seed is suited to direct planting = but some is better suited as seedlings can develop deep tap roots before emergence. BECOME a SUBSCRIBER for Access to All New UPDATES >< See other tree seed planting results.  (OPT OUT at any Time) 

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