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Apple Tree Seedlings for Sale – 400mm including Tube all Grown from Extra Large Low Sugar Content Granny Smith


Apple Tree grown from Seed – All from Low Sugar Content Granny Smith Apples 

Malus domestica 

Form: Deciduous fruit tree – height varies when grown from seed – up to 6 metres tall. 120 years ago there were 12,000 Apple Varieties in USA.  The apple is one of the better fruits to grow new varieties from.  We want tall trees that are easy to prune above grazing height of sheep and small cattle. All Apple Offspring are Mutants – result of prodgeny is unknown until they grow and set fruit

Functions: Trees grown from seed have the advantage of better root development. They are capable of “base pruning” so during establishment period – first 3 years – you can cut them back to ground level if needed to reshape. Always a hardier tree when grown from seed that live longer.

Frost and Hardiness: Apples require chill to drop leaves and set fruit

Planting: Warm Season up until end Feb. ideal.

Product: All Seedlings are identified from parent apples EG: From Granny Smith

SUPER TUBES: All Seedlings in Super Tubes are minimum 5 months old.

Growth Rate: Recent planting of seedling apple into a dug out leucaena clump (to use old roots as conduits for new roots) has grown 300mm first 6 weeks. Anticipated 4-7 years to bear first fruit under ideal conditions. Pomegranate grown from seed is now bearing fruit at 3 rd Summer.

Natural Range and Soil Type: Humus rich soil – loam maybe best – not tested in heavy black soils

Predators: All Grazers will eat.

Apple Tree

PHOTO 1:  Small sweet fruit from Heritage Apple Tree on left – Modern large sweet apple on right

Apple Tree

PHOTO 1:  8 month old Apple Seedling grew to 1.2 metres Tall first Season.


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