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Arrowleaf Clover

Trifolium vesiculosum

Form and Function: Legume. Forms dense swaths to 1m height when adequate moisture is available. Much shorter in dryland situations. Assists to shade and out-compete other plants. Dies off and collapses once seeding is complete. So you may plant a melon or broadcast seed into a swath as it collapses. With applied water – Arrow Leaf is the Top Performer as a Winter Living Fallow as it suppresses everything growing under its canopy. Seed bed is then ready to plant in Nov/Oct complete with a layer of mulch. You then control any new undesired plants as they emerge.

Fodder: All grazing animals. Green pick for poultry. Good for Bees. Earthworm food when cut and laid.

Mulch: Self Mulches or hand harvest soft stems as needed.

Water: Requires 400 mm of rainfall or equivalent over 5 month growing season.

Add: To fermenting liquid fertilisers.

Planting Window: Cool Season: April-June, persistent perennial especially in gardens that have water supply when needed. Regrows annually from last season’s fallen seeds once temperature’s fall below 4 degrees. Our entire Summer Garden is now seeded to Arrow Leaf as a Winter Living Fallow.

Seed Size/Sowing Rate Supplied as unhulled Heads. 50 seeds per Head. Seed multiples rapidly = 1000 fold from one seed. If planting into a single long furrow – about 20 seeds per linear metre. Once seed bank in soil is established you will notice that hundreds of seedlings per square metre will establish. Strongest plants then dominate and shade out the weaker ones.

Germination Rate: 90%

Maturity: Strikes and remains dwafted throughout winter until August then bolts to maturity from November onwards. (depending upon moisture).

Suitable Soil Type: Produces bulk organic matter in watered and nourished gardens. Also favoured for poor sandy moist soil, especially good in riplines.

Planting Methods: Shred heads and press seed into seedbed surface. Water in well to activate strike. Ideal seed to trample into soil with livestock, especially when standing grass is trampled completely down and kept in check with frost. If you want to cover seed with soil – do so with a a light sprinkle – and keep soil moist to strike. Seed will only strike from March onwards as a general rule.

General: Keep chickens away especially first few months (depending upon stocking rate) Easy to control by hand if needed.

Arrowleaf Seed

PHOTO 1: In full flower late October.

Arrowleaf Seed

PHOTO 2: Arrow Leaf and Thistle in July.

Arrowleaf Seed

PHOTO 3: Chicken Tractor  next to clover.


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