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Barrel Medics For Sale – The Ideal Inland Cover Crop for Cool Temperate Areas – SEE ALSO BURR CLOVER Link Above

PLANT Medics ONCE + ESTABLISH = Never Plant Again as Hard Coated Seed will Persist for Many Dry Years then Germinate in Good Seasons = Ideal for Orchards and Gardens.


Form and Function: Soft Spineless Barrel Medic. NEW EXPERIMENTAL will be planted as a Living Fallow over Autumn. This variety was selected as it is early maturing. OBJECTIVE is to have it collapse and dry off by early Spring. Strong enough to form a dominant cover that outcompetes Winter weeds. After a good wet Winter it leaves behind a thick mulch mat.

RESEARCH: Currently planting plots of Medic with Rocket. Rocket is frost resistant and grows taller and faster than medic. Rocket is cut out early and medic is allowed to set seed = leaving a clean seed bed for follow on Spring plantings.

Fodder: Grown extensively throughout Cool Temperate parts of Australia for sheep and cattle fodder. Palatable green pick for chickens.

Water: Requires less water than other clovers and medics. Grown as a dryland crop on 300mm of Autumn + Winter Rainfall. As hardy as Burr Clover without the Burr.

Mulch: Ideal mulch crop – has deep tap root that restores organic soil carbon and nitrogen.

Add: To fermenting liquid fertilisers.

Planting Window: Cool Season. March -April onwards. Once established it will persist from seed bank in ground. Grow once and it will return every year if moisture is available. Seed bank will then remain in soil for up to 5 years waiting for a good wet Winter.

Seed Supplied: AG Coated Seed. 30,000 seeds per KG

Germination Rate: 90%

Maturity: Plant April for mature seed in August.

Suitable Soil Type: Heavy clays to lighter loams. Will thrive in nourished neutral garden beds.

Planting Methods: Cover with a fine till or trample plant into mulch

General: This variety of medic is as hardy as burr clover without the burr.

Barrel Medics

PHOTO 1: Medic starting to grow in Autumn from rainfall only. 100 mm of Autumn rain will activate. Once you have plants established a seed bank will persist for many years waiting for rain. Date of Photo: June 2021.

Barrel Medics

PHOTO 2: Medic is used here as a smother crop to build organic matter. Once seed sets in Sept. plants will collapse to form a mulch mat. Date of Photo: July 2022

Barrel Medics

PHOTO 3: These seed pods each contain 10 seeds. Pods remain intact until the following season. Date of Photo: Sept. 2022


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