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GG supplies Free SEED SAMPLES with EVERY SEEDLING TREE + PLANT ORDER. Seed Samples vary according to availability + season. CURRENTS CONTENTS are Four Green Leaf Fodder Legumes = (1) 100 Leucaena Seeds (2) 100 Butterfly Pea Seeds (3) 500 Lucerne Seeds (4) 500 Desmanthus Seeds. WITH all SEED ORDERS GG supplies a FREE SAMPLE of GIANT WHITE CUCUMBER SEED or DAIKON RADISH according to The Season. 


YOU Can BUY EXTRA SEED and ADD to an Existing Open Order with NO EXTRA PACK N POST. ALL SEED is SOLD with a One Off Single Flat Rate applicable to ALL ORDERS.

Leucaena is a small tree legume. Follow the links from this page to find out more information about your seed samples. Butterfly Pea Flower is used to make herbal tea. Its green leaf is a favourite pick for all grazing birds.     

gardeners and graziers

Leucaena planted in clumps from seed January 2023 – now reshooting after winter. Leucaena can grow 2 metres first season under ideal conditions. DATE of PHOTO: SEPT 2023

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