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(1) 308 Tubes + 6 Tray BELAH TREE SEED KIT with 2000 SEEDS  Contains 56 Super Tubes and 252 Forest Tubes + INSTRUCTIONS to Successfully Propagate Bulk Low Cost Belah Trees. 

(2) 40 Super Tubes + 2 Trays Belah Tree Seed Kit with 400 Seeds

(3) 126 Forest Tubes + 3 Trays Belah Tree Seed Kit with 600 Seeds

TRAYS hold 20 Super Tubes OR 42 Forest Tubes

SUPER TUBES are 160mm Tall and HOLD 700 grams of soil. You can grow Seedlings out to 900mm – ensuring ease of establishment.  FOREST TUBES are 120mm Tall and hold 240 grams of soil.

REUSE TUBES for about 5 or more years. GROW all TYPES of Trees and Cuttings in the Same Tubes.   

Belah Seedlings are Also Available for Sale in Our Trees Section


Photo 1: Belah Seed Cones. Each cone is about the size of a ten cent piece and releases about 30 seeds. We dry seed and store in airtight containers to ensure a long shelf life in fridge up to 24 months. With every 100 seeds you should be able to strike 50 seedlings appx. It is however not unknown to strike 99% of planted seed.


PHOTO 2: Super Tubes and Tray. Each Tube holds 700 grams of soil. 160mm Tall. Same tray holds 42 Forest Tubes


PHOTO 3: Belah Seedlings are grown first in the tray and then transplanted to tubes. These little trees are about 3 weeks old. Belah is an easy tree to strike. Seedlings emerge about 10 days after planting. So you can have seedlings 300mm tall ready to plant every 3-4 months. We provide propagation instructions – including how to propagate during winter


PHOTO 4: 3 month old seedlings in forest tubes.

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