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Queensland Narrow Leaf Bottle Tree Seed Kit


Narrow Leaf Bottle Tree Brachychiton rupestris

Mini + Larger Size Kits with Super Tubes + Seed (+ Trays) with Instructions on How to Strike Seed  – Have Seedlings grown in Tubes into the ground within 4-5 months OR Plant Direct into Tree Hole for Uninterrupted Tap Root Development SEE LINK ABOVE

Super Tubes are 160mm Tall and hold 700 grams of soil..You can grow seedlings out to 400 – 500mm Tall or plant sooner when it suits you

Planting Window: Easy to strike once daytime temp. reaches 27 degree C.

Germination Rate: Seed is Stored in Air Tight Containers in Fridge. 80% minimum Strike Rate is Standard

Bottle Tree

Photo 1: Bottle Tree Seeds supplied in air tight plastic containers.

bottle trees

Photo 2: Narrow Leaf Bottle Tree is 100 years old planted as a Rememberance Tree after World War One on THe Darling Downs Qld 600 mm Rainfall Zone.

Bottle Tree

Photo 3: Narrow Leaf Bottle Tree Seedlings 9 month old.


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