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Broad (AKA Fava/Faba) Beans For Sale – See Stock at Bottom of Page to Order


Form and Function: Annual Legume Grain. Grows to 900mm height. Suitable smother crop. Plant as hedge row for wind and shade, especially late in season to provide flow on benefits for Spring plantings.

Seed Size: Ideal plant density is 20 – 30 bean plants per square metre. In rows 500 mm apart you plant 20 seeds per linear metre and thin rows out if required. 3000 seeds per kg.

Fodder: Yet to be tested. People: Edible seed – best to sprout first before adding to stews or as a stand alone meal with lemon juice and oil.

Mulch: Ideal mulch crop – has deep tap root that restores organic soil carbon and nitrogen.

Water: Will grow over Winter on a full moisture profile in best Downs Soils with 50 – 100 mm of in crop rain. In lighter soils beans will need applied water equel to 400mm over growing season.

Add: To fermenting liquid fertilisers.

Planting Window: Cool Season. March -April onwards.

Seed Supplied: From a Dryland Jimbour Plains Farmer.

Germination Rate: 90%

Maturity: Plant April for mature seed in Sept.

Suitable Soil Type: Heavy clays to lighter loams. Will thrive in nourished neutral garden beds.

Planting Methods: Best to prepare a tilled garden bed, cover with 40mm soil. However as frost kills most competing grasses it can be rough sown especially to smother grass, then dug back in again when close to maturity.

General: Deep tap roots are used to condition the soil around “Turkey Nests” This method features in Metrics for Garden Food Crop.

Pack n Post Rates: If you have purchased any item from our Catalogue the minimum Pack n Post Rate is $12.00 = add more seed no extra postage cost.

Broad Beans For Sale

PHOTO 1: Broad Beans are easy to measure for precision planting – you might plant 20 seeds in a linear metre long furrow.

Broad Beans For Sale

PHOTO 2: Rows of Beans in foreground. Green Barley in background.  Date of Photo: June 2020

Broad Beans For Sale

PHOTO 3: Beans planted in a circle on the perimeter of a “Turkey Nest” Date of Photo: July 2021


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