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Broccoli and Cabbage Seeds for Sale


Form and Function: Cool Season Food Crops selected for their ability to be direct sown into garden beds – thinned through the season – with some plants left over for seed set in Spring.  

Fodder: Starch Free Leafy Vegetables are essential to a healthy human diet. Surplus is well suited as green pick for poultry.

Mulch: Single Cabbage Leaves are used as covers in some situations – as a seed cover:

Add: To as “Green Chop” to Chicken Food.

People: Do not eat enough Cabbage/Broccoli

Planting Window: April-May – frost resistant. Extreme frost events have so far never affected seed production if it coincides with flowering.

Seed Supplied: You scatter 100 plus seeds per square metre into finely tilled soil. NEW PRODUCT SEED AVAIL> SOON

Germination Rate: 90%

Maturity: Sept-October depending upon planting date and seasonal conditions.

Suitable Soil Type: Produces bulk organic matter in watered and nourished gardens. In field condition favours rich loam, will grow in heavy clay soils.

Planting Methods: Cultivated soil, sprinkle on top and rake to cover, or make a furrow 50mm deep, 150mm apart, space seed accordingly. Water in well to activate strike. Seedlings appear 10-14 days.

Pack n Post Rates: Flat Rate Postage = Maximum $12 for all Seeds on Same Order

Broccoli and Cabbage Seeds

Photo 1: Broccoli Heads in Late June -Cut the heads off and they will regrow a second crop.

Broccoli and Cabbage Seeds

Photo 2: Chinese Cabbage planted on a BioChar Burrow – July/August

Broccoli and Cabbage Seeds

Photo 3: Collard Green starting to Flower – August

Broccoli and Cabbage Seeds

Photo 4: Turkey Nest Garden with an overplanting of Chinese Cabbage. These will be thinned over the next 2-3 months. Date of Photo: July

Broccoli and Cabbage Seeds

Photo 5: Chinese Cabbages around a Turkey Nest. Pull to thin,  Date of Photo: Aug ’21


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