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Burr Clover Seeds – Broadcast into Orchard from March onwards = Self Spreading Perennial OR Plant a Patch in Garden and Water Well

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Form and Function: Grows in Sandy Soil and Heavy Black Soil Types. Once you introduce 100 coils per hectare = provided you have good Autumn/Winter Rain = within 5 years Burr Clover will almost cover 1 hectare (in conjunction with mowing/grazing)

Fodder: Prime Winter Feed for most grazing animals including all types of poultry .

Mulch: Ideal self – mulching  crop – has deep tap root that restores organic soil carbon and nitrogen.

Add: To fermenting liquid fertilisers.

Planting Window: Once established it is a perennial clover – seed can remain dormant for at least 5 years waiting for wet cool seasaon.

Seed Supplied: Hand Harvested still in Pods.

Germination Rate: 90%

Maturity: Early maturity – according to seasonal conditions – it can flower from July with full seed set by end of August.

Suitable Soil Type: Heavy clays to lighter loams. Will thrive in nourished neutral garden beds.

Planting Methods: For GRAZING: Cast 100 pods over 1 hectare. With management and a good run of seasons you could have Burr Clover as a dominant Winter Ground Cover within 4-5 years.  For GARDENS: Concentrate seed into a small area and water to grow seed – then harvest and spread.

General: The hardiest of the clovers – however it is a burr that clings to wool and socks.

Pack n Post Rates: Flat Rate $12 for all seed or ADD to Existing Open Order NO EXTRA COST

Burr Clover For Sale

PHOTO 1: The green cover is almost 100% Burr Clover. 5 years ago there were maybe 10 individual plants in this section of the Long Yard Garden. Part of Turkeys Green Pick. Date of Photo: Early August 2021

Burr Clover For Sale

PHOTO 2: Burr Clover dominates this heavy black soil creekside after it was slashed. Slashing is similar to heavy grazing as it allows sunlight in. Date of Photo: August 2022

Burr Clover For Sale

PHOTO 3: Smother of Clover with recently planted Old Man Saltbush Seedling. Date of Photo: 01/08/21

Burr Clover For Sale

PHOTO 4: Burr Clover Seed Coils that stick to socks and wool.


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