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Butterfly Pea Seed for Sale in Individual Containers/Calico Bag OR buy IN CHOICE OF KITS with Multiple Species – SEE Links Above – To STRIKE SEED Well = Soak for 24 hours + Plant 50 mm Deep. Cover seed with soft soil/sand to avoid crusting + maintain moisture until emergence 7-10 days. 27 degree C daytime temp. is best minimum.  


Butterfly Pea (10,000 Seeds per KG)
Clitoria ternatea   

Form and Function: Legume Long lived perennial vine, summer vigorous. Once established individual plants regrow after grazing, cutting, frost. Ultra deep rooted potential to 1.5m first growing season. Can shut down during dry, then regrows from base.

Natural Insecticide: No known insects eat Butterfly Pea leaves. Crush leaves and soak in water to make a natural plant based insecticide. New Butterfly Pea Extract on market is called SERO X

Fodder: All grazing animals. Green pick for poultry. Good for Bees. Earthworm food when cut and laid. Planted under Saltbush (which then acts as shaded trellis) for our Free Range Chickens. Will grow onto Sunflowers etc. In field conditions, it favours tall tussock grasses as companion. Good companion vine for Old Man Saltbush

Mulch: Self Mulches from frost or dry. Hand harvest stems as needed.

Add: To fermenting liquid fertilisers.

People: make tea from purple pea flowers, broth from leaves, add fresh green leaves to stews and soups.

Sowing Rate: If planting a single long furrow – about 20 + seeds per linear metre – or one ore two seeds at base of a tree or saltbush – or about 20 – 40 seeds per square metre – NO RULES – all situations are different – 80 grams of seed will sow about 20 to 40 metres of single furrow hedge variable according to objective. Plants are prolific seeders so you can expand with your own saved seed.

Seed Supplied: 220 seeds per 10 grams. Multiples 100 fold + increase from saved seed each year.

Planting Window: Plant warm season after frost until first week February. Regrows annually from last season’s fallen seeds when conditions are favourable. Late plantings will survive winter once plants are 200mm long.

Germination Rate: 90% Seed benefits from soaking 24 hours prior to planting. Needs constant moist soil to germinate.

Maturity: Will set seed within six months under ideal conditions. In our impoverished sand clay duplex soil planted with Saltbush it took over 18 months to seed with no grazing as saltbush was allowed to establish.

Suitable Soil Type: Produces bulk organic matter in watered and nourished gardens. Needs subsoil clay or heavier clay soils to prosper in field conditions.

Planting Methods: Plant 50 mm deep into cultivated soil. Per Square metre about 20 plants Plant as a hedgerow.  Water well to activate strike. Ideal seed to trample into soil, covered with mulch and watered.

General: Keep chickens away especially first few months (depending upon stocking rate) Easy to control by hand if needed. Extraordinary tough plant.

Pack n Post Rates: Are displayed as you order seed. Once initial Pack n Post is calculated the cost of additional seed lines is substantially reduced. So, it is much cheaper to buy multiple seeds verses one single seed size container. 

Butterfly Pea

PHOTO 1: Pea Flower is edible

Butterfly Pea

PHOTO 2: Typical Single Pea Plant

Butterfly Pea

PHOTO 3: Butterfly Pea growing on Old Man Saltbush.

Butterfly Pea

PHOTO 4: Green strip of Collard Greens on left emerging in Winter after Butterfly Pea Living Fallow has been frosted and collapsed.


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