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Carob Tree Seedlings for Sale – New Seedlings grown from seed all from Single Self Pollinating Carob Tree – LIMITED Seedlings now available 350 mm inc 200 mm Ultra Tube –  Box of 2 + Box of 3 



Ceratonia siliqua

Form: Evergreen Tree to 5 metres tall with a spreading crown. Prune to Lollipop Shape.

Functions: Dry Husk is used a a Carb Rich Food. Shade Tree and Frost Protection.

Frost and Hardiness: Single tree planted at Janahn Forest has been left unattended for 10 years. No issues with extended dry and frost.

Planting: Plant small seedlings year round with a shade guard.

Product:  Highly recommended to plant juvenile seedlings as excess time in pots will stunt root development. Seed grown in 200 mm Ultra Tubes only. Cut base open and plant the tube with root + seedling intact.

Growth Rate: Slow but improves with a deep well prepared tree hole.

Natural Range and Soil Type: Israel and Middle East. Not tested in heavy black soils. Grows in sandy loam soil.

Predators:  All Grazers will eat small seedlings. Never tested current tree because it has always been protected.

Carob Tree For Sale

PHOTO 1: Carob Tree at Janahn Forest growing in gravel `soil with hard clay sub-soil.  Date of Photo: 2022

Carob Tree For Sale

PHOTO 2: Carob Pods from Tree Above used to grow Carob Trees for Sale.  These are typical seedlings for sale. Date of Photo: January 2022


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