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Chicken Tractors AKA Portable Semi-Permanent Dwelling for Chickens – Suitable only for Free Range Chickens in Enclosed Orchards or Secured House Yard and Garden Situations – you can lock your chooks up at night when they roost – fox and dog proof. 5-6 Birds will camp contently on a single roost or add an extra roost for more bird sleeping space. You should also look at Chickens and Sheep at Work in the Garden Video available on Home Page. With Dog Proof Portable Chicken Yards you only need a Roof and a Roost for your birds – so a different model is currently being developed.

PICK UP EX JIMBOUR or DELIVERY by ARRANGEMENT  – designed to fit a box trailer -910 mm wide.

Heavy Duty Long Life Durable Indestructible – Built to Last 100 Years. Available Complete or as a Frame with All Components – Netting – Roof – Door Latch – Hex Head Screws – Light Wire – SAVE because if you want to assemble the same materials you will have a lot of offcuts.  

TOORAK 1600 MODEL $800.00 inc GST Assembled

TOORAK 2130 MODEL $930.00 inc GST Assembled

OR Available as FRAME with ALL Required Components to Finish Yourself. (PLEASE NOTE We would like you to contact GG via Email or Text prior to your placing your Deposit Below in Shopping Cart)  

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Chicken Tractors

PHOTO 1: Chicken Tractor at work with Crow Proof Egg Laying Box in foreground. See More: Story (14) Ergonomic Chickens

Chicken Tractors

PHOTO 1a: Chicken Tractor

GO TO: STORYs for more insight to our Research and Development of Integrated Bird and Plant Gardens. New Useful Updated info is available in Story (2) The Long Yard Garden.

Chicken Tractors

PHOTO 2: Chicken Tractor Frame is the culmination of 25 years research and precision Irish Engineering. All mesh components are raised off the ground.

Chicken Tractors

PHOTO 3: Chicken Tractor 2 Sizes -Dimensions – All 91cm tall – 102cm wide – 1600mm long OR 2130mm long

Chicken Tractors

PHOTO 4: Chicken Tractor 1600 mm long version is much easier to move. Both sizes need ideally one person at either end. Designed to insert hands into ends to lift. You can also use a couple of lenghts of RHS as rail tracks. The Tractor slides along on the RHS – suitable to moving short distances with ease.


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