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Chicory Seed for Sale

Currently not Available – Recommend Barrel Medics as an Experimental Winter Crop for Chickens Green Pick



Cichorium intybus

Form and Function: Herb. Perennial. Individual plants can live for 2-3 years or more. Thick deep root up to 400mm deep. Readily regrows once established after grazing or cutting. Root can be cut into pieces and replanted. Grows year round, proven unaffected by frost to at least minus 7. Large broad leaves shrivel during dry, then regrows from base root after watering or rain. Tall somewhat woody stems grow seed to 1m height, whilst bulk of plant is thick and leafy about 300mm tall. Assists to shade and out compete other plants. Ideally used as a hedgerow. Withstands trampling from contained sheep for more than a week, then regrows after watering.

Fodder: All grazing animals. Green pick for poultry. Extra Good for Bees as it flowers over extended period. Earthworm food when cut and laid.

Mulch: Self Mulches or hand harvest soft stems as needed.

Add: To fermenting liquid fertilisers.

People: Root is dried and roasted as beverage. Edible leaf as salad. Boil for broth.

Planting Window: Year Round, however Early to Late Cool Season is best as plants need less watering to establish. Day old seedlings are frost resistant to a certain point. Young plants need regular water during summer to establish. Small plants will readily perish without water during extreme heat. Will self-propagate from fallen seeds.

Seed Supplied: Small seed. 20 grams ample to grow thick hedgerow 20 metres long.

Germination Rate: 90%

Maturity: Flowers continually throughout warmer months when moisture is available. In rich soils plants grow to flowering with 6 months.

Suitable Soil Type: Produces bulk organic matter in watered and nourished gardens. Will grow slow in sandy soil, much faster in better soil types.

Planting Methods: Score a furrow and plant 30mm deep. Successfully trample planted no till with sheep. Water in well to activate strike.

General: Once plant has flowered it is very hardy, handles regular cutting and trampling with relative ease.

Pack n Post Rates: If you have purchase any item from our Catalogue the minimum Pack n Post Rate is $12.00. All Seed in Containers is added at 10 cents per Seed Container. This way you can add extra to Seed Kits if you wish at minimal extra cost. 


Chicory in foreground


Ideal hedge plant


Exposed root from a 3 y.o. plant


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