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Chinchilla White Gum for Sale


Eucalyptus argophloia

Form: Tall slender evergreen hardwood – grows to 20 metres.

Functions: Trees in photo were planted in the 1980’s as future income. Strips of White Gums on light soil may be manged as a fire break – for if you maintain grazing pressure – grass beneath the canopy will not survive. Remove cattle and let it rain enough and grass will return. Once trees are 300mm wide they are suitable for hardwood construction timber. Better for milling verses fence post – suitable aspole timbers in some situations – yet to detemine how bark reacts once cot down. With Iron Bark the bark is easy to remove – not sure how White Gum Bark is.

Frost and Hardiness: Thrives in hot and extreme inland cold climates. Some of these trees have died off where they may have planted on top of  sandstone

Planting: Year round with tree guard.

Product: Hardwood and Fire Wood. Collect fallen branches for fuel.

SUPER TUBES: New Product due Dec 2021.

Growth Rate: Will grow to 6 metres within 10 years under ideal conditions

Natural Range and Soil Type: These trees in photos are growing on old sand/clay duplex soil – former cultivation. Grows well on heavy black Downs soil. Original trees were once only found in a range of 20 square kilometres near Chinchilla in QLD 

Predators: All Grazers may eat small seedlings – caution.

Chinchilla White Gum

PHOTO 1: Tree belt of Chinchilla White Gums on neighboring property – Jimbour Q. Originally planted 1980s on a 5 metre grid. These trees are 20 metres tall. Trees are thriving after 2 years of extreme dry equal to the driest in last 100 years. Date of Photo 13/03/21

Chinchilla White Gum

PHOTO 2: Inside the Tree Belt. 5 years ago there was NO GRASS under these trees due to excessive grazing pressure. New management since has restored the grass here – however it is possible to remove the grass again if desired to create a less fire prone forest. Date of Photo 13/03/21  


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