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Gardeners and Graziers Pty Ltd

“Janahn Forest” Jimbour. Australia. 4406

A.C.N. 147 440 953

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0437 778 728

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ORDER Trees + Saltbush + Seeds Online for Auspost Delivery all Over Australia  

Boxes of 36 Forest Tubes with FASTEST GROWTH TREES from WESTERN FALL of GREAT DIVIDE + BRIGALOW BELT from $5.00 each Delivered East Coast Australia    

Go TO: Boxes of 36 with Fast Growth Inland Trees 

white cedar

PHOTO 1: White Cedar is the fastest growing Tree from Gondwana. This shade tree was planted April 2017 as part of a Shaded Forest Grazing Plantation. White Cedar + Silky Oak + Belah can all grow 3 metres within 3 years under ideal conditions in 600 mm rainfall zones. Small Breed Milking Cow with Twins. DATE of PHOTO Dec. 2023


PHOTO 2: Hedges of Desmanthus provide highly palatable green pick for birds that graze. Suitable as pig fodder. Commonly used for beef production. TO SEE TRAMPLE PLANTING with CATTLE into GRASSLANDS RESEARCH GO TO: TRAMPLE PLANTING SMALL SEEDS with CATTLE 


PHOTO 3: BUNYA PINE is a STOCK SAFE SOONER TREE  Sheep + Cattle + Horses tend to ignore Bunya Pine and Hoop Pine. Suitable most soil types. Tree hole preparation is important on heavy black soils. Our best Bunya in 600 mm rainfall zone is now 6 metres after 17 years on Loam/Clay Hillside.      


PHOTO 4: Clumps of Leucaena planted into Super + Forest Tubes. Leucaena thrives as a rainfed cattle fodder crop on good soil – 600 mm rainfall zone. Used extensively as a clay sub-soil breaker for companion trees. Can grow to 2 metres first season. Part of Green Leaf Fodder Seed Kit for Sale. Easy to strike direct into prepared soil. TO FIND OUT MORE follow the LINKS to Multiple Pages. Ideal planting up to Feb. variable according to location + year round in tropics
GO TO: Leucaena Tree Seed for Sale 

LEUCAENA is NOW Planted as a Companion for Most New Seedling Trees Like Walnut. You can easily keep a clump in check with secateurs or grazing. Planted extensively in hedges as shade and wind protection within Food Crop Gardens. GG provides 100 Sample Leucaena Seeds with All Orders – ADD EXTRA Seed to an Open Order.      
GO TO: BEST Tree Planting Method with Leucaena RESEARCH 


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