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Cool Season Food Crops For Sale in $18 Kits + Flat Rate Pack n Post $12 maximum for ALL TOTAL SEED ORDERS or ADD to a TREE/PLANT Order for FREE SEED DELIVERY KIT includes 2000 Collard Greens + 2000 Chinese Cabbage Seeds + 1000 Broad Bean Seeds in Calico Bag + 200 Leek Seeds

All seeds can be sown direct into Garden Beds (at the Rate of  50 to 300 seeds per square metre = Thin as they Grow)

QLD NSW VIC SA NT ONLY + ADD More Seed with SAME Flat Rate $12 Pack n Post for All SEEDS or ADD to any OPEN ORDER = NO EXTRA PACK n POST

Form and Function: All of these Seeds have been selected for their ability to be direct sown/broadcast direct into prepared garden soil.

Fodder: “Green Pick” for Poultry. Initially overplant – you then start to thin the crop as it develops. Excess can go to birds or yourself.  

People: Cruciferous Vegetables are amongst the most important food types for people. Harvest Green Leaves from all of these as Salad or Cook.

Mulch: Chinese Cabbage will produce bulk leaf litter that can be left standing in Early Spring for Ground Cover Effect.

Planting Window: Cool Season. April – May onwards.

Seed Supplied: Bare Seed in Seperate resealble plastic containers

Germination Rate: 90%

Maturity: Plant April/May/June for ongoing harvest over the season. These plants will set seed in Sept/Oct.

Suitable Soil Type: Heavy clays to lighter loams. Will thrive in nourished neutral garden beds.

Planting Methods: Prepared garden beds are roughed and seed placed on top – then raked in to cover lightly.

General: Highest yield from least effort.

Pack n Post Rates: ADD to any Open ORDER no Pack n Post Extra cost

Cool Season Ground Workers

PHOTO 1: Cross over planting from Winter to Spring – Celery Seed placed in furrows under mulch of hand cut barley stalks – planted last week of August – if frost strikes the barley should protect the seedlings – but usually at this time of year frosts are finished. ALSO planted Spring Onion (early August)  from seed using similar method of cover – emerging seedlings are not affected by frost. Late season Mustard was also planted.  Date of Photo: 30/08/21

Cool Season Ground Workers

PHOTO 2: Chinese Cabbage planted on a “Turkey Nest”. Plants are sown direct from seed – 100 seeds per square metre in May – then thinned over Winter until only a few seed plants remain. This is the most prolofic seeder of the cabbages. Early seed set and maturity unaffected by frost. Date of Photo: 01/08/21

Cool Season Ground Workers

PHOTO 3: This Broccoli is in flower – sown from seed direct in garden May – plants are then thinned – leaves may be cut for salad or stews – Turkey is denied access with Portable Fence Panels – in another 6 weeks the panels will move – giving birds access to this Winter Garden Section. Date of Photo: 01/08/21

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