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Cork Oak Tree Seedlings


Cork Oak Tree – New Seedlings grown from March ’23 Acorns = Bulk Box 16 Super Tubes 400 mm Tall inc Tube $280 Delivered Australia = Order Bottom of Page + Box of 4 = $112 Delivered     

Quercus suber 

Form: Evergreen. Tall and Erect to 20 metres. When acorns were put down in May, they had roots escaping from base of 200 mm long tube within 3-4 weeks. Cork Oak forests produce little leaf litter and so are considered “fire safe zones”.

Functions: Cork Production. Over time the evergreen nature of the Cork Oak makes it useful as a frost protector for other frost sensitive tree.

Frost and Hardiness: Grows around Canberra. Renowned for frost and heat resistance

Planting: Year-round with tree guard first 2 years recommended. In a sheltered location with regular water, you can get away with no tree guard. Direct summer heatwave sun first 2 years can rapidly kill an under watered seedling. Maintain periodic watering as needed. 20 litres per tree per tree per fortnight on average, more small watering’s when small. Individual seedlings were propagated in tubes, so they have never been transplanted. Gives better root development.

Source of Seed: Seed is from a Cork Forest near Canberra.

Growth Rate: Considered slow growing.

Natural Range and Soil Type: Spain and Portugal. From information obtained, we are planting in lighter sandy soil with a  wood shaving tree hole plug.

Predators: Seedlings we believe would be palatable to most mammals.

Cork Oak Trees

Cork Oak Seedlings now about 200 mm tall.


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