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Cow Pea (10,000 Seeds per KG)


Cow Pea = Grows well once frost is past with 23 degree daytime temp. Grown as Food Crop in Africa = Hardy Dryland Crop in Australia.

Vigna unguiculata  

Form and Function: Annual Cereal. Warm season crop, about 500mm tall that may be planted as a smother crop to assist with creating clean seed beds for Late Summer or Winter  Can be cut before seed set and it will continue to grow and set seed if allowed. Pulls easily from moist soil for mulching vine crops etc in spring. Plant dies off after seed set

Fodder: All grazing animals. Green pick for poultry. Earthworm food when cut and laid. .

Mulch: Self Mulches if left to stand or hand harvest as needed. Scuffle the plant to lay on soil if desired, slightly covered with soil.

Add: To fermenting liquid fertilisers.

People: Make into flour.

Planting Window: Sept – Feb

Seed Supplied:  80g sufficient for complete cover crop for 10 to 20 square metres.

Germination Rate: 90%

Maturity: 4 months..

Suitable Soil Type: Produces bulk organic matter in watered and nourished gardens. In field condition favours rich loam, will grow in heavy clay soils.

Planting Methods: Cultivated soil, sprinkle on top and rake to cover, or make a furrow 50mm deep, 150mm apart, space seed accordingly. Water in well to activate strike. Seedlings appear 10-14 days.

Pack n Post Rates: Flat Rate Postage = Maximum $12 for all Seeds on Same Order

Cow Pea Seeds

Photo 1: 80 g seed in Resealable Plastic Tub + 300 g + seed in Calico Bags

Cow Pea Seeds

Photo 2: Rough Worked for Smother Crop of Cow Pea


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