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Cypress Pine Tree Seedlings for Sale


Grow a Dry Rainforest with Cypress + HOOP PINE + Bunya Pines = see Link Above

Cypress Pine

Callitris glaucophylla

Form: Evergreen, Timber suitable internal use. Tall and slender to 8 m.

RESEARCH: Hard Country Almanac in PDF Format is Part of Trees for Inland Australia = a Free Customer Service = Best Trees for Sand/Clay Duplex Soils include Cypress Pine + Hoop Pine + Bunya Pine + Stone Pine + Mediterranean Cypress Pine with best results from deep tree hole prep. + Stock Proof Tree Guards = All of these trees have been established at “Janahn Forest” 100 Acres East of Jimbour – Research Land of Gardeners and Graziers as part of Shaded Forest Grazing Paddocks. All are Stock Safe Sooner Trees.

Functions: Provides frost protection for other species. Shade tree. ………..: Drought Buster Trees and Fungus

Frost and Hardiness: Handles minus 10 C once established. Unaffected by frost at all life stages. Ultra-tough tree in dry times.

Planting: Cypress Pine preferes sand and sand clay duplex soils in this area. Also observed growing in rocky sandstone and gravel ridges.

SUPER TUBES: Tube full of soil weighs 700 grams plus. Bigger and much stronger than Forest Tube. Seedlings in Super Tubes are perfectly formed with a straight growing tip. FOREST TUBES: May not be perfectly shaped, however with patience and pruning a straight growing point will develop.

Growth Rate: Seedlings have self propergated here. With good wet seasons they can grow 2 metres within  2 – 3 years.

Natural Range and Soil Type: 300 to 700mm rainfall zones throughout many parts of Australia. Part of The Little Desert in Victoria. Thargomindah in Western Qld once had substantial Cypress Forest. Half of “Janahn Forest” Jimbour is Cypress and Iron Bark Country.

Predators: Roos and Wallabies may nibble small seedlings – as may rabbits. All livestock avoid mature trees. Once Cypress is 1 metre tall nothing seems to eat it.

Cypress Pine

PHOTO 1: Cypress Pine Trees at Janahn Forest Jimbour.

Cypress Pine

PHOTO 2: Horse wont eat Cypress Pine.

Cypress Pine

PHOTO 3: Cypress Pine Trees about 8 metres tall. 200 years ago these hills had Giant Cypress with trunks 1 metre wide – maybe only 10 to 50 trees per hectare.  All growth here is recent – within last 40-70 years. Prime Wallaby and Bandicoot habitat.

Cypress Pine

PHOTO 4: Cypress Pine Juveniles all about 5 years old – self propagated – 2 metres tall.

Cypress Pine

PHOTO 5: Tree Pear Cactus grows in the shade of the Cypress Pine Forest – Tree Pear is 5 metres tall – bears edible fruit – not as invasive as Prickly Pear.


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