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Daikon Radish Seed for Sale

Daikon is the Easiest Cool Season Crop to grow Bulk Cruciferous Vegetable Matter. Plant from March onwards in Cool Climates. Interplant with Clover/Medic to establish perennial clover/medic seed bank.

20,000 seeds per KG + Order at Bottom of Page (300 gram in Calico Bag) or (70 gram Resealable Container) <><><>Daikon Radish Cooked or Raw is one of the “Better Foods for Fasting or Keto Diet”. SO: per 100 kg Bodyweight = Try 500 grams of Fried Meat with as much Daikon as you can eat (per day for 1-3 days) = See What Happens.


Daikon Radish

Raphanus sativus

Form and Function: Root Vegetable. Herb. Renowned for its extra-large root (up to 500mm long under ideal conditions) which is sometimes left in the ground to break down as part of the soil conditioning process. Certain claims in relation to its role as a fumigant. Dense plantings act as a smother crop. As roots decay inground, they leave hollow tubes with a fine peat like residual, suitable for planting other seeds into.

Seeds Size: Optimum Yield is from 10 to 20 plants per square metre when allowed to grow to full size. To grow as a smother crop broadcast 100 plus seeds per metre. Grow in rows 300 mm apart at any selected density to suit purpose. IDEAL CROP to Overplant then thin over the growing season. Use green leaf as Green Pick for Chooks

MEDICINE/DIET: Important food types for better human health include all of the cruciferous vegetables (no starch). Daikon can provide bulk cellulose (fibre) with virtually zero protein + fat. When eating a meat only diet for several days at a time – you can eat several kg of Daikon per day as an additive/base for stews/curries + (cooked with eggs) while eliminating all other types of carbs to detox and reduce body weight.

RESEARCH: Trample planting Radish from seed into a dense swath of grass within the Long Yard Garden 20 metres x 9 metres with sheep from late April 2022 onwards – Frost keeps grass in check. It then creates a dense mulch mat for the Daikon once it is knocked down with sheep contained overnight (2-3 nights per unit) in 16 square metre units within portable sheep yards. THIS is Genuine NO TILL WINTER FOOD CROP PRODUCTION some applied water will be used throughout growing season – bulk of the crop may be harvested by Aug/Sept. 

Fodder: Chickens love succulent leaves. Most grazing animals will eat leaves. Flowers are good for bees, especially natives. Earthworm food when cut and laid.

Mulch: Self mulches or hand harvest. You can cut leaves off mid-season and plant regrows.

Add: Roots to water with other nutrients (your own urine is one option) to make algae as a type of liquid fertiliser.

People: Eat grated root as salad. Nice with lemon juice and soy.  Grate and add to stews or make omelet with grated root. Daikon is hot and pepper flavoured.

Planting Window: April-June. Daikon is a cool season crop.

Seed Supplied: Bare uncoated will germinate within a few days.

Germination Rate: 90%

Maturity: 4 to 5 months for seed set or harvest some smaller roots from 2-3 months.

Suitable Soil Type: Flourishes in neutral and nourished gardens. Grown in field situations in Sugar Cane Country in Qld as a Sodbuster Crop to condition the soil. Grown Dryland on Jimbour Plains Black Soil with great success.

Planting Methods: Score a furrow and plant 30mm deep. Successfully trample planted no till with sheep. Water in well to activate strike.

General: Chickens will shred plants in the garden.

Pack n Post Rates:  Flat Rate $12 for ALL SEED or Add Seed to an existing open order FOR FREE DELIVERY = NO PACK n POST.

Daikon Radish

PHOTO 1: This daikon was trample planted into a plantain patch, genuine no till. Date of Photo: August.

Daikon Radish

PHOTO 2: Dry root makes algae for fertilizer

Daikon Radish

PHOTO 3: Plants left to decompose – Roots in the soil act as Sod Busters, breaking and aerating the soil.

Daikon Radish

PHOTO 4: Fresh crisp roots

Daikon Radish

PHOTO 5: Daikon In flower. High density plantings act as a smother crop. Date of Photo: September

Daikon Radish

PHOTO 6: Trimmed Radish is frozen and then sundried to be packed tight in dry storage. This changes the flavour. Base for famous Nepalese Soup.

Daikon Radish

PHOTO 7:  Daikon with Barrel Medic used as a Winter Ground Cover with a Grape Vine reshooting in Spring. Date of Photo: Sept 2022.


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