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Dam Wall Stabilisers = Plant Kits with Nardoo + Lippia + Papyrus Seeds + Papyrus Plants


PLANTING: Each plant has its own individual information page SEE LINKS ABOVE = All of these plants grow in shallow water + they will survive and reproduce after extended dry periods.

Planting Window: Spring – Summer is ideal – however Coastal and Northern regions will mild winters may plant year round.

Plants Supplied: 2 Plugs of Nardoo and 2 Plugs of Lippia with soil intact each plug is 120 mm x 120 mm PLUS 2000 Papyrus Seeds + 4 Papyrus Bare Rooted Plants Juvenile Seedlings 200 mm

Method: Vary according to Species. See individual plant page.

Maturity: These plants are all efficient spreaders in and around water – they will increase exponentially according to seasonal conditions.

Suitable Soil Type: Heavy alluvial clays.

Planting Methods: SEE EACH PLANT PAGE 

General: Ideal planting window with bare soil immediately after earthworks.

Dam Wall Stabilisers

PHOTO 1: Main Dam at Janahn Forest – as water levels recede these plants follow the water line.

Dam Wall Stabilisers

PHOTO 2: Main Waterhole at Janahn Forest now almost full after extended dry.

Dam Wall Stabilisers

PHOTO 3: Fresh Nardoo growth after dam level increased.

Dam Wall Stabilisers

PHOTO 4: Stable dam walls from a combination of plants and controlled grazing. When fresh dam water is supplied in this same paddock livestock will prefer to drink from the stock trough verses the waterhole. Date of Photo:2020

Dam Wall Stabilisers

PHOTO 5: Lippia was submerged and is now growing with the receding waterline.

Dam Wall Stabilisers

PHOTO 6: Nardoo in a Dry Shallow – 4 weeks ago this was 300 mm deep. Date of Photo: August 2021

Dam Wall Stabilisers

PHOTO 7: Adgingbong fills with water 300 mm deep. Here we are relying upon cooch grass and lippia to be dominante ground cover where water sits for maybe 8 weeks of the year. For these short plants to persist occassional grazing is required. PLAN here is to eliminate tall tussock grasses on edge of adgingbong with same mix of cooch grass and lippia. Cattle and sheep are part of this process. Date of Photo: March 2020

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