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2 Types of Ferment = (1) Source your Brew Starter from a Bottle of Kombucha (2) Start a Kefir Culture from an Established Culture. Both have bacteria + yeast that have evolved to thrive upon carbohydrates found in fruit + milk.

CURRENT EXPERIMENT = Fermenting Whole Oranges for 3 or more days to break down fructose and cellulose. May be beneficial for people seeking to reduce sugar intake while still obtaining vitamin C from fruit. TRY IT ???  SEE PHOTO 1 for Kickstarter.     

New Content under Development for SEPT 2023

fermented foods

PHOTO 1: Take a Bottle of Prune Juice or Pomegranate Juice and ADD 100 ml of Kombucha to Juice. After 3 days at 20 degree C it will start to bubble. First Generation Ferment is then used to activate Second Generation Ferment. Over time the culture evolves to suit its food source. IN THIS INSTANCE: A layer of Olive Oil is added to bottle to act as an “air lock”. Lids are left loose. By about Day 10 you can screw lid down tight and chill in fridge for an extended period to improve flavour. This is the same method used for champagne AKA bottle ferment. FROM this BREW you can Start to Ferment Whole Peeled Oranges.


PHOTO 2: Peeled Orange on plate was in Jar to Left for 3 days. Jar on Right is a new batch of Apples. Jar is filled with a mix of water and Prune Juice from Photo 1 as a STARTER CULTURE. Once you have a CULTURE you keep it alive by starting new batches.

fermented foods

Block Cheese from Coles is cut into cubes and soaked in a mix of blue vein cheese churned with fermented milk (aka kefir). Jar is turned regularly. Let it soak for 24 hours or more. Methods will vary and may be improved with testing.  You could maybe use blue vein and sterile milk only. It is important to store fermented cheese in calico to let it breath and dry off. Maybe place calico bag in plastic bag in fridge

Drain the milky blue vein soak and place cheese cubes in calico. Depending on the season store in a cool spot or fridge for several weeks or maybe months. THIS is an experiment. Maybe test product on chickens. Blue Vein Milk may be added to whole grains for chicken food.


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