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Fasting every day for 18 hours is better for your body verses extended periods over several days. All current research data confirms this. Start your own method first by selecting the food you eat + when you eat it. Fasting every day for 12 to 18 hours is good. So is fasting for 5 days out of 7. Or even 2 days out of 7.           

You function on a 24 hour bio-cycle of sleep and activity. If you can eat only from sunrise to noon and sleep from dark until sunrise (8-9 hours sleep is ideal) your bodies metabolism will be synchronised to detox naturally in your sleep. Wake up hungry and eat then work then sleep. Do your own research: (Recommend Online Information from “Blueprint Bryan Johnstone” who measures all of his food intake as part of his research to prove what is the perfect human diet and fasting method). Gardeners and Graziers is now Publishing ONLINE in KETO GARDEN PLANTS RESEARCH SECTION a Natural Omnivore Diet Recipe for ONE DAY that has been trialled/tested by our Team of Researchers.  Will it work for you ?? Test It and Find Out. It is called The EGGS ELEVEN Diet Protocol.      

FOLLOWING BELOW is a Compilation of Notes. Following Links above for more information.    

Understanding that GLUCOSE in large doses is a toxic poison reveals the background of the global obesity epidemic. The trend towards over-eating starting in the 1970’s when businesses started propaganda/marketing for seed oils (renamed vegetable oils) and sugar infused cereals + bread et al…

Your body converts simple carbohydrates and sugars to glucose faster than fats + proteins. So if you eat a lot of grain and bananas…??? do your research on insulin and glucose.

 NEVER under estimate the importance of cellulose from vegetables and green leaves. Starch Free Vegetables provide quality food for periodic fasting without going hungry. To avoid hunger fill up on vegetable only. (NO FRUIT except for a certain few EG: Cucumber – so to fast with cucumber you might eat several KG of cucumber over a day with Lime Juice + a Tablespoon of Macadamia Walnut or Olive Oil)

Eat cellulose rich foods (eg: cucumber + capsicum) with a little bit of olive or macadamia oil. So you can eat any type of starch free vegetable or salad without stopping your fast. 

Fasting activates your bodies auto cellular repair mechanism. It allows your body to flush out waste proteins and acid. Try it and see for yourself.

Cellulose is a carbohydrate that humans cannot readily digest as energy. It can be dissolved as soluble fibre which is a very good thing for your gut and blood flow. Cellulose is only essential carbohydrate for humans. Fruit is not required to live long + well where as plants like Rocket + Silver Beet are essential .

Number ONE FASTING FOOD is Daikon Radish (Winter) often fried or steamed with butter and macadamia oil + sometimes fresh. Try Rocket + Collard Greens for Spring.

An adult human could live entirely on a combination of raw and cooked chicken/turkey eggs for 12 months or longer provided -> birds have access to green pick + they eat some raw grass-fed ox liver + raw fat from saltbush grazed sheep + earthworms AND you eat enough cellulose. (it would be easy to over eat fat + protein so best add bulk cellulose like celery and radish).

Consider your First Food when you were Born. Mothers Milk Fat content was 3 times that of Protein. As you age the ratio of fat to protein consumed should reduce. You need some fat but ideally never too much fat. NOR Does it Matter if you only eat animal fat = just dont eat too much animal fat or olive oil for that matter. Experiment with a fat free day and then gradually introduce fat to determine your ideal fat consumption ratio. RARE to SEE “Ratio of FAT to PROTEIN” ever mentioned anywhere in dietry advice. ONCE you know your “Ideal Fat Consumption Ratio” you can make better choices about other food types to eat during the day.        

LESS than 10% of Australians eat the recommended daily intake of 5 cups of veg + 2 cups of fruit (not juice) and a substantial number of people cannot afford to eat the better food. The PRICE of POVERTY is significant once you consider the health costs to the entire national budget.

Improve your diet with the better fats to increase available energy while reducing carbohydrate and protein consumption. PLUS the only food that you can eat excessively without adverse weight gain is “starch free vegetables and leaves”. If you want to detox and activate ketosis – try eating broccoli and cauliflower with a little olive oil for 48 hours – nothing else. Flavour the cauliflower/broccoli with turmeric and garlic.

Back in the 80’s avocados contained cholesterol. It was not safe to eat more than 2 eggs per week. TODAY: AMA Research reveals it is safe to eat 18 eggs per week (which was the cut off point of egg consumption research – if you are actively working it may well be ok to consume many more) and avocados have been genetically modified to remove cholesterol ? if not what happened ?  

There are 3 types of fat to know – short medium and long chain fatty acids. PLUS red meat does not cause cancer and heart disease – it is over consumption of red meat + eggs + carbs + fat that will shorten your life. Choose the foods you eat to live well and sprightly into old age. Start with a vegetable based diet and modest amounts of meat/eggs + minimal fruit. To eat the best foods on a budget aim for onions + cabbages + carrots + cauliflower + broccoli. Start your day with a whole cauliflower cooked in beef/lamb broth + olive oil. If you only eat a small portion of cauliflower you will be hungry – so train yourself to eat bulk low starch vegetables (if you have an interest in  keto diets that is)

To grow your own food – relevant to your preferred food type consumption – how much land and water do YOU need?  + WHAT TYPE of CROPS are BEST to MATCH my DIET?

*** “If a dog nabs your lambs liver – never blame the dog”  *** Sage advice from Gertrude Nugent-  Staff Writer – Exclusively for Gardeners and Graziers 

Insulin Resistance Statistic

The rate of human mortality is linked to increased insulin resistance as you age. Insulin resistance is a reflection of diet. If you eat foods that increase your bodies insulin resistance you will die much sooner than people who eat foods that maintain proper insulin function. A Type 2 Diabetic is insulin resistance.

Food is a molecular structure

Excessive protein and fat consumption can trigger insulin resistance – but not as fast as refined carbohydrates do.

When fat consumption decreases – humans tend to increase carbohydrate and protein consumption = resulting in the large person epidemic of the modern world.

To eat well without increasing insulin resistance (and always feeling hungry = eat more = increase insulin resistance) you can choose which atoms enter your mouth.

Fats, proteins and carbohydrates are all made from atomic structures that are constantly being altered by growth, fermentation and cooking and digestion. What might kill you today might be edible tomorrow after you cook or ferment it. Ask Bourke and Wills?

All of the Above

Are useful things to know – if you understand the structures of different types of fat protein & carbohydrate contained in your food – it is then a simple task to select and prepare foods that suit you.

This Topic is too BIG

Please do your own research – it is beyond our resource base – we recommend YouTube = Dr Eric Berg + Dr Steven Gundry = for all the information your local GP has not the time to explain to you = hundreds of short information videos on almost every aspect of food types and diet.

Gertrude’s Keto Kitchen

PHOTO ABOVE: Yellow Chicken Fat from a six-month-old rooster raised on beef tripe + fermented grains + constant access to green pick from week one of life. Most consumers would tend to avoid this coloured fat on a Supermarket Shelf. Vitamins E C + D are water soluble and accumulate in animal fat. Plant chlorophyl’s change fat colour and texture. White cheese, white butter and white meat fat is deficient in flavour and some nutrients. Young grain fed beef has white fat and can never develop colour on grain, except maybe from corn – which will cause the animal to start developing insulin resistance – as will all grain fed herbivores – irrespective of the type of grain.

NB: Cooking destroys Vitamin C. Lions can’t survive on cooked meat alone because they will develop scurvy and chronic joint inflammation if they do.


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