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High Yielding Red Table Grape grown from Seed – Seedlings Due 2024 – USE NOTIFY ME BUTTON Below

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Seedlings Restricted to QLD ONLY Due to Quarantine


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FORM: All Grape Vines grown from this vine planted into a BioChar Burrow Oct 2021. Seed was taken from a Red Table Grape Variety January 2021 propagated prior to Winter so when planted vine was 9 months old appx. It produced one bunch of grapes DEC 2022. ALL PHOTOS from SECOND YEAR PRODUCTION of SPRING 2023

YIELD: This is an Ultra High Yield Variety that grows “true to type”. Grape yields vary significantly. Grapes grown for “Rose Wine” yield upwards of 30 tonnes per hectare. Other varieties like “Cabernet Sauvignon” might only yield 3-5 tonnes per hectare.  

Functions: High yielding grape variety. WHY grow from SEED: Better and stronger plants. Most Fruit and Nut Trees are Grafted. When grown from seed plants develop better roots, they grow faster.

Frost and Hardiness: Winter Deciduous – Established Vines can shut down when dry to reshoot when water is available.

Planting: Warm Season.

Product: Available March 2024 ONWARDS

SUPER TUBES: All grown in Super Tubes

Growth Rate: Exceptional Yield may be attributed to planting method. SEE ILLUSTRATION this Page.

Predators: All Grazing Animals.  Winter grazing of groundcovers is OK with solid trellis constructs with vines at height.

grape vine

PHOTO 1a: Seedling Grape Vine was planted onto a BioChar Burrow. SEE PLANTING METHOD Photo 2. Date of Photo: Sept. ’23

biochar burrow

PHOTO 2: PROFILE of GRAPE VINE planted on BioChar Burrow. Burrow was dug to 600 mm deep. It was originally constructed 10 years ago for vegetables. Length and Width were cut to match a Portable Chicken House 2 metres long x 1 metre wide. Once dug out  is stacked with old timber + then timber is burnt in situ. Fire is extinguished to maximise charcoal. This burrow was then watered in with liquid offal and back filled with removed soil to form a raised mound upon which the vine was planted. IDEAL INITIAL CARBON to NITROGEN RATIO of 10 Parts C to 1 Part Nitrogen requires application of Nitrogen Rich Matter into Burrow.

green grapes

PHOTO 3: Grapes still yet to ripen early December. These grapes ripen by mid January. TOTAL YIELD 05/01/24 for its Second Year of Fruit exceeded a 20 litre bucket.

fermenting grapes

PHOTO 4: Green Unripened Grapes are fermented to make wine vinegar.


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