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Jacaranda Tree Seedlings for Sale – Box of 9 Forest Tubes now 250 mm inc Tube (Super Tube Stock will be ready March 24)


Jacaranda Tree

Jacaranda mimosifolia

Form: Grows to 8 metres tall under ideal conditions. Winter deciduous.   .

Function: Experimental – create summer shade for gardens – include as part of Shaded Forest Grazing Paddock planted on 10 metre grid.

Frost and Hardiness: Many examples of trees growing in local district – suitable for hard frost areas – yet to be tested here in heavy and light soils under extended dry conditions.

Planting: Warm Season up until March.

Product: Available year round. Usually devoid of leaves over Winter.

SUPER TUBES: All Seedlings in Super Tubes are minimum 9 months old, maximum height 500 mm, however height will vary according to time of seeds sprouting. FOREST TUBES: Available from OCT-FEB prior to transplanting into Super Tubes.

Growth Rate: Fast growing (according to some reports up to 2 metres whipstick formation within 2 years )  Seedlings planted Feb 21 grew to 1.4 metres before first frost – cut back to base in Spring now thriving after first Winter

Natural Range and Soil Type: South America – Sub Tropical – grows in loams – heavy black soil – shale.

Predators: Not Tested Yet – however it is most likely palatable when small to all livestock

Jacaranda Tree

PHOTO 1: Magnificent Spring Flowers

Jacaranda Tree

PHOTO 2: Canopy provides for filtered and dappled sunlight during summer – sunlight increases with leaf fall during winter.

Jacaranda Tree

PHOTO 3: Seedlings in Forest Tubes – available for limited time early season OCT-DEC – only the strongest are then selected and transplanted into Super Tubes.


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