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Look Down and Learn Farm Walk

Available for Research Subscribers = Methods of Management

Enquire to Book Day TEXT or email

Price 1st Couple/Single $200 then $100 per extra person

(4 people = $400 ….)

Janahn Forest, Jimbour. Australia

The Longyard Garden – Shaded Forest Grazing

Tree Crop Research – Saltbush Paddock

Adgingbongs – Earthworks – Fencing

These Farm Walks will be of benefit to you if you have a Special Interest in “Adgingbongs and Waterholes” as you may see and walk the completed watercourse construction – complete maps of earthworks are provided.  

Learn from our experiences – find out the best machine to do the job and save a lot of expense – see where earthworks have been modified and find out why – do it once and do it right the first time.    

ACCESS is from Sunrise until 10.00am or Afternoon from 2pm but may be restricted to Morning Only Access according to Forecast Storm Conditions. We provide Maps and Notes for you to navigate the farm and observe at your own pace. An assistant is always available to provide answers to any questions you may have. RECOMMEND you need about 2- 4 Hours to Walk and Explore.  YOU NEED the RIGHT CLOTHING Boots and Pants and a Hat.

Go to bottom of this page to book in. Farm Walks are one way to ‘learn from observation” and “determine for yourself which methods here may be of benefit for your own land use and management”. PRICE = First Single/Couple $200 then $100 per person for every man woman child. It is highly recommended that you do not include any person in your group who is not fit and agile.

DISCOUNT TREES and PLANTS available as Part of your Day Out = All Seedlings and Plants in Stock listed on Web are For Sale at Half Price + NO PACK n POST FEEs – LIMIT $200 per Person – Bring Cash/Chq Book 

Farm Walks

PHOTO 1: View of the main dam from its high side ledge. Ledge has been planted with Clumps of Leucaena (on left) and Saltbush (on right). This 2 megalitre dam is seen in photo below as the dark water Top Left.

Farm Walks

PHOTO 2: Main 2 megalitre dam (from Photo Above) in background with foreshore Duck Island is part of The Adgingbong Paddock. Here you will see how and where the water flows.

Farm Walks

PHOTO 3: Yearling bullock thriving on Saltbush.

Farm Walks

PHOTO 4: Access seedlings for sale in our on farm nursery. These are Date Palms that are available as part of our Online Cataloge.


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