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THE MISSING Component of almost all modern urban diets is (non-digestible) cellulose.  Irrespective of your preferred proteins and fats, you more than likely need to increase your cellulose intake. Grains have cellulose however they are also loaded with (digestible) carbohydrates. Eat the right foods to get healthy and obtain you ideal body weight naturally. AVOID HUNGER when Fasting by EATING CELLULOSE.     

To make a “Keto Diet” work you need to determine your percentage intake every day for fat + protein + carbohydrates. Cellulose is a carbohydrate. Humans cannot convert cellulose into energy. Cattle can. BASIC Strategy = eat more vegetables + reduce grains + fruit + all types of digestible carbohydrates. SO EAT more vegetables with protein + fat.

The EGGS ELEVEN Diet PROTOCOL described below is all natural food with plant + animal fats. It is important to measure daily fat intake. You can use eggs as your “protocol blue print” and then adjust to suit your own personal requirements by experimenting with what you eat.        

There are a few key plant species that are easy to grow in bulk that will provide you with the essential vegetable plant cellulose you need for a “better keto diet”. Number ONE Winter Crop is Daikon Radish. Eat raw in small amounts with lemon juice + soy sauce or add sliced/grated to omelettes + meat dishes in bulk for fibre. Adds a strong base flavour to cooked foods.  

Fibre with limited calories is found in the “starch free vegetables” known as cruciferous vegetables. (broccoli + cauliflower + daikon radish etc…ideally eaten with good oil/butter). Green leaf plants like “rocket + pak choy” are known to be essential components of a human diet.

Butterfly Pea was introduced into Australia by Chinese Market Gardeners 200 years ago. Green leaves make a nice vegetable broth with fibre. Flowers are edible. Hardy drought tolerant herbaceous plant that will grow everywhere in Australia with a little applied water over warm season.   



The foods you eat should vary according to your age and health. Do your research on insulin resistance and the mortality rate. You are always better off being insulin sensitive. Humans need fat and protein. Cellulose is essential. Carbohydrate as a form of energy from fruit and grain is not essential. 


Paprika Capsicum turn dark red when ripe. Proven to be more water efficient verses other varieties. Subject to insect attack early in season – so you can plant from late October for ripe fruit in Autumn/Winter.  


Eat all of your daily fats and protein from sunrise until 11 AM. If you need to eat again during the day eat only cellulose post 11 AM. Your final meal of the day is just as important as your first meal of the day.  

EACH 100 KG Person needs about 2000 calories per day adjustable according to work load + other personal factors. The Egg is a Unit of Food that is easy to measure. Eggs contain fairly consistent ratios of fat + protein. Also you can vastly improve the quality of eggs by feeding chickens green leaf matter and insect meal.

Nuts are another Unit of Food that are easy to measure. So you might eat one small cup of nuts each day as an example. Also you can vastly improve upon nuts by selecting the best type for human consumption. Especially Pecans + Walnuts + Macadamia. SO ALL OF YOUR DAILY FAT may be Sourced from Eggs and Nuts.  We now also know how much protein is contained in these food types. EASY to GOOGLE to Measure Food Types/Calories

FOOD for ONE DAY per PERSON over 6 Hours

# 6 eggs as an Omelette loaded with Capsicum/Onion/Cauliflower/Broccoli/ Daikon Radish  # One small cup of Tree Nuts   # One or two Granny Smith Apples  # As much Cauliflower + Broccoli as you want to eat. Use some butter/walnut oil as dressing  # As much Green Leaf Salad as you want to eat. Use some lemon juice and olive oil as dressing.

EAT NOTHING ELSE = NO GRAINS = Do this for a few days or as long as it suits you. Follow Links Above to Food for Fasting for more insight. There are no rules – only protocols based on an understanding of what food types you should select for consumption + time between meals. THATS IT = SIMPLE Enough Maybe !  ADJUST your FOOD TYPES by Replacing Eggs with Meat or maybe Only Pasta with Butter occasionally. Food combining has long been practiced by many cultures. TRY THIS Method and you will start to make your own food combining discoveries.        

butterfly pea

Patch of Butterfly Pea with Vetiver Grass Hedge on Left. Butterfly Pea is a warm season vine well suited as a green fodder crop for chickens. Flowers are used to make Purple Butterfly Pea Tea – renowned for its calming effect.

Eat until Eleven

Another variation on Eggs Eleven is to eat (per 100 kg person) 500 grams of mince meat with vegetable + salad per day – then nothing else except cellulose until you sleep. Works well for rapid weight loss if that is your objective.

You can live well on Cheese with Vegetables and Salad once you determine your optimum daily intake of Cheese and you eat sufficient Veg/ Salad which may be about 3 kg per day without any grains. 


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