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New Seedlings available March 2024 – USE NOTIFY ME BUTTON BELOW +++ Kurrajong Seed Kits available ORDER Below. NEW SEED 80% Viable is First Seed in 3 Years after big wet years. Seeds in Sealed Containers will Store in Fridge for up to 2 years. CUSTOM SEED ORDERS Available by Request. 

GG recommends Broad Leaf Bottle Tree as a Similar Tree suitable Inland Australia  



Brachychiton populneus

Kurrajong seedlings rapidly build a carrot shaped root – so to encourage root development you ideally prepare a tree hole minimum 600mm deep – backfilled with 10-20% Organic Vegetative Matter to create a deep porous tree hole.  Seedlings planted into biochar plugs June 2017, are now 1.8 metre tall as of August 2020. Kurrajong thrive with our biochar tree plug technique – see more in our Stories Section (Stock Proof Tree Guards Story 9)   

Form: : Softwood, Erect and bulbous to 8m. Dry deciduous. Pithy wood of no value as timber.

RELATED TREES: Broad Leaf Bottle Tree is similar in appearance and slightly faster growing. Forest Tube Seedlings available now.

Functions: Ideal interplanter for an Inland Dry Rainforest. Produces bulk leaf litter. Sheep eat fallen leaves or allow to build up mulch.

Frost and Hardiness: Handles minus 10 C once established. Even in open fields it usually maintains leaves during winter. The Kurrajong is one of the toughest trees for dry times. Will periodically shed its leaves.

Planting: Year-round with tree guard first 2 years minimum recommended. Maintain periodic watering. Requires less water to establish than White Cedar. Select planting sites that have no horses grazing. Rapid growth response to our biochar tree plug planting method.

Product:: if supplied by our Nursery during Spring, seedlings may be devoid of some leaves as it can be Spring Deciduous. If so we will let you know before we post.

SUPER TUBES: Seedlings in Super Tubes are minimum 6 to 12 months old.  Kurrajong needs a Super Tube for its massive carrot shaped root. Super Tubes hold 700 grams of soil.

Growth Rate: With average rainfall seedlings should be self-sufficient within 12 to 24 months. Faster growing than Narrow Leaf Bottle Tree. Up to 1.5 metres tall within 2 years when planted with our biochar plug method.

Long Lived: 100 years plus.

Natural Range and Soil Type: 500 to 700mm rainfall zones throughout Inland Brigalow Belt. Also found in Bunya Mountain Rainforest and Vine Scrub Country. Prefers loam soil. Now testing in black soil with biochar.

Predators: Horses, cattle, roos and sheep will eat. To date sheep have never attempted to eat the bark or trunk of a Kurrajong Tree.


PHOTO 1: One of 4 Kurrajong Mother Trees at Janahn Forest that provides seed for seedlings. This tree is about 10 metres tall on a Sandstone Ridge.


PHOTO 2: 5-year-old Kurrajong with new shoots after top pruning to reinvigorate. Option to cut the top off or base prune.   

kurrajong 6

PHOTO 3: Same Tree from Photo 1. Kurrajong leaf litter is compatible with some grasses that flourish in shade.


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