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Leucaena Seed for Sale

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SEED Treatment INFO: Cover seed with boiling water for 3 seconds – cool off immediately – then soak for 24 hour to 48 hours – change water occasionally – plant 50 mm covered with sand to avoid any crusting issues – once temp. is 27C new seedlings will emerge within a few days – to grow a clump place 10 seeds per hole. Plant Sept to Jan.


Cunningham Variety

Form and Function: Legume. Small Tree. If grazed plants will remain short and bushy. Ungrazed individuals to 4m tall. Often grows sprouts from base. Suitable for hedgerows. Useful sacrificial pioneer tree. After a few years the Leucaena is cut out and a follow on seedling, maybe apple or pear, is planted into residual root system of Leucaena. New plant roots follow established deep roots of Leucaena. Grid Formation: Currently developing a One Hectare Grassland Paddock at Janahn Forest on black Soil with a 5 metre Grid Formation Plantation of Leucaena. Seedlings were planted into deep cut riplines, about 600mm deep, on 170mm of Febuary Rain, 2018. Once planted they were not watered again. Same paddock was grazed in June 2018. As of 1/12/18 clusters have survived and are now about 200mm tall. We will graze once in January and again in June.

Fodder: Used mostly for grazing cattle. Not suitable horses. Potential maybe for free range pigs. Chickens will eat small amounts of green leaf added to diet.

Mulch: Cut mature plants back to generate lush new rapid growth. Brittle branches ideal for rough mulch. Bulk producer of biomass.

Add: Leaves to fermenting liquid fertilisers. Preference to avoid planting in gardens in dry areas as it competes vigorously for moisture.

Planting Window: Warm Season once frosts have past. Does well once daytime temperatures reach 27 C.

Seed Supplied: Untreated, needs soaking to strike well. All seed from a single tree growing frost free at Janahn with a 120mm wide trunk, 4 metres tall.

Germination Rate: 90%

Maturity: Under ideal conditions Leucaena grows to 1.5 metres first growing season. Full size if allowed to grow 5 to 7 years.

Suitable Soil Type: Prefers good alluvial and loams, responds well to biochar and nutrient in impoverished sand clay duplex. Seems to grow in all soil types in high rain fall areas without any assistance.

Planting Methods: In field situations plants benefit from a deep tilled seedbed with competing grasses cut out and away for first 6 months. Place seed about 50 – 75mm deep. Likes shade, but not essential, first few months.

Frost and Hardiness: Once Leucaena is 6 months old it is difficult to kill. Minus 10 frost will simply knock it back. Rebounds in Spring from base root. When 4 years old new growth is rapid, up to one metre per month if water is available

General: Some people have a fear of Leucaena spreading and becoming invasive. No worries in this climate, especially with sheep.

Pack n Post Rates: Flat Rate $12 or Add to Existing Order for NO PACK n POST  


PHOTO 1: Establishing Hedge of Leucaena Clumps. These were planted December 22. They grew to 1.2 metres before Winter 2023. Dead stalks have been cut of as woody mulch. New growth emerging from base roots will be about 1.2 metres within a few months. This hedge is aligned North South to provide wind protection + shade for this food crop garden. Background hedge is Pitaya Cactus. SEE Also PHOTO 3 on this page: Close up of clump from this hedge row. Plant up to 10 -20 seeds per clump. DATE of PHOTO: 03/09/23


PHOTO 2: 2 week old  seedlings in nursery. Once seedlings are 3 months old they are extremely hardy. Plant into full moisture profile riplines after rain and you should not have to water again. This of course may vary according to soil type and longer term rainfall patterns. Seedlings in tubes may be late planted Feb to March to avoid extreme heat.  Establishment planning is essential to ensure success.

 GO TO: BEST Tree Planting Method with Leucaena as Companion   Leucaena is either planted direct from seed or grown in tubes + planted as a “sod busting” companion for all types of fruit and nut trees. SEE PHOTO 2 via this link of Leucaena stump after it has been burnt off. Roots are now many metres deep and will act as conduits for new seedling.


PHOTO 3: Clump of Leucaena – dead stalks have been pruned. Now entering its second warm season. With established roots growth is rapid. Provided it has enough moisture it can grow to 2 metres before winter. DATE of PHOTO: 03/09/23


PHOTO 4: Clump planted about 5 years ago. Heavy frost kills it off over winter. All new growth with dead wood visible. Older clumps grow up to 4 metres over warm season. This particular clump eventually formed trunks that out grew the frost by year 7. It was then burnt off to plant a Walnut into its residual root system.  GO TO to BEST TREE PLANTING METHOD to SEE THIS Same Tree in PHOTO 2 after its root was burnt off. Date of Photo: Spring 2020


PHOTO 5: Same Clumps from Photo (1) now 700mm tall. Location here is The Turkey Nest Garden.  Date of Photo: 30/11/23


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