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Leucaena Tree Seedlings for Sale – as Clumps in Forest Tubes/Super tubes – with replacement Seed to grow more Seedlings in Tubes or Direct into Ground = average 6-10 seedlings per Tube – 200 mm Tall inc Tube in Boxes of (Box of 9 avail now)  + (Box of 42 with Tray) + (20 Super Tubes with Tray up to 400 mm tall)

SPECIAL: Leucaena + Saltbush Combo with 21 Leucaena and 21 Old Man Saltbush Forest Tubes to 200 mm Tall with Tray PLUS 1000 Leucaena Seeds.


Forest Tube STOCK we sell is minimum 6 weeks old – after 10-12 weeks seedlings are too tall for our 200 mm tall boxes which is why tube forest stock is occasionally offered deferred delivery SEE CART BELOW for Delivery Dates. Secure Seedlings with an Advance Order.

BOXES of 42 + 20 include a Tray that holds 50 mm water. Reuse Tubes/Tray for many years. 

Boxes of 9 are currently 300 mm Tall inc Tube     

Plant 10 seeds per Clump in Ground – Super Fast from Seed to 1 metre Seedlings within 3-4 months under ideal conditions.


Leucaena Cunningham   Leucaena spp

Functions: Cattle browse. Timber may be suitable wood turning, interior use, poles. Coppices for stick wood and mulch. Source for biochar. Used as a Companion with New Seedlings = SEE GROW a TREE HOLE STORY LINK Above = Part of a long term process to condition the subsoil for other trees to benefit from.

Leucaena (Cunningham) Form: : Typically grown in rows as whipsticks for fodder to 3 metres. Individual trees can grow to 4 metres where frost is less prevalent.

FOREST TUBES have 5 or more seedlings in each tube. With this method these seedlings are ideal for growing clumps. Not considered suitable for breaking apart. Plant as a clump.

Functions: Hedgerow windbreak. Plant clumps as pioneer trees that are eventually dug out. Leaves behind soft soil for another species that takes advantage of deep capillaries that will form from the decaying roots of the dead Leucaena. Roots are known to go 5 metres deep. Habitat for small birds. Preference to avoid planting in gardens in dry areas as it competes vigorously for moisture. Brittle branches make mulch.

Frost and Hardiness: Once Leucaena is 6 months old it is difficult to kill. Minus 10 frost will simply knock it back. Rebounds in Spring from base root. When 4 years old new growth is rapid, up to one metre per month if water is available.

Planting: October to February, however seedling in tubes may go in latter especially if protected with tree guard. Planted dryland with good success on full moisture profile. Best to water occasionally first few months.

Product: if supplied by our Nursery during Cool Season, Seedlings may be devoid of leaves, until Spring.

Growth Rate: With average rainfall seedlings should be self-sufficient within 3 to 4 months . Plants reach close to full height 4 to five years. Up to 2 metres first year under ideal conditions.

Natural Range and Soil Type: From the Tropics. In high rainfall areas Leucaena will grow in poorer sandy soils. Low rainfall poor soils need extra nutrients to get plants started. 600 mm tree hole backfilled with biochar and liquid offal in poor sandy clay duplex soil at Janahn has provided for leucaena to grow to 4 metres within 3 years with occasional watering. Otherwise prefers rich alluvial soils.

Predators: Horses, cattle, roos, pigs and sheep will eat. Not suited as horse fodder unless in small quantities.


PHOTO 1: Ungrazed clump of Leucaena 3 years old.


PHOTO 2: Flowers attract native bees. Leaf can be added to chickens food.


PHOTO 3: Leucaena planted in hedges as cattle fodder on black soil 650 mm rainfall. Hedges are 10 apart.


PHOTO 4: Leucaena Hedges from Photo 3 planted as a double row.


PHOTO 5: Single Leucaena Tree now 5 metres tall. In frost protected locations (like this) trees can reach full size within 5-7 years.


PHOTO 6: Leucaena in Super Tubes 400mm Tall on LEFT + Tray of 42 Leucaena Forest Tube Seedlings (ON RIGHT) sold with 1000 Seeds for direct planting. These forest tube seedlings are 6 weeks old.

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