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Lippia PLUG For Sale 500mm x 120mm

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Form and Function:  Creeping Ground Cover – Will occasionally grow to 100 mm in height when conditions are right – often grows about 20 mm thick like a carpet – especially when walked upon.

Fodder: Sheep and horse will graze as will cattle when it is tall enough

Mulch: May be considered a Living Mulch especially as part of walkways in gardens.

Planting Window: Ideal when daytime temp. exceeds 22 C. Hot Summers with ample moisture are ideal.

Plants: We take a  strip 500 cm x 12 cm – dig it up and Pack with Soil Intact. You then break it up to be 5 or more sets. Estimated weight with soil is about 3 kg per Unit

Strike Rate: All of the set will grow if planted into moist soil.

Maturity: Prolific seeder although the Warm Season when soil is moist.

Suitable Soil Type: Heavy clays to lighter loams. Will thrive in nourished neutral garden beds.

Planting Methods: Dig a shallow divot – place plant material into divot – add water – press down with foot. Maintain water until you see new growth.


Pack n Post Rates: Minimum $24 with One Single Set + See Rates as you Order for More Plants

Condamine Lippia

PHOTO 1: Lippia here is still short – it will grow about 75 mm tall when in full growth mode. Lippia is almost indestructible – let it grow and spread and it will dominate some sections. Grazing allows it to dominate. Remove grazing influence and grass shades it out. Date of Photo: 29/08/21.

Condamine Lippia

PHOTO 2: Green Strip of Lippia establishing under a Tipuana Tree.  Date of Photo: August 2021

Condamine Lippia

PHOTO 3: Lippia with new growth, this plant was recently inundated on waters edge. Now with little white flowers that bees are attracted to.


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