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Macadamia Tree Seedlings for Sale – First Seedlings from 90 year old Trees on Sunshine Coast all originally grown from seed = abundant producers = CURRENT  12 – 18 month old Seedlings  DISCOUNTED BARE ROOTED = ORDER at Bottom of Page = On Sale to make space for new STOCK + Bare Root only cool season. 500 mm tall


Macadamia Tree  

Form: Grown from Seed – .Evergreen Tree to 8 metres. ALL Seedlings are allowed to grow without pruning as they sometimes form multiple trunks from one nut. About 1 in four seedlings have 2 or more trunks – option is to cut one trunk off – however from observation – it might be better not to. SEE PHOTO 3 BELOW

Functions: Expect fruit within 7-10 years. Established trees provide frost protection for other species. We are also interplanting River She Oak with Macas on edge of dam. River She Oaks will help protect small maca seedlings.

WHY grow from SEED: Better and stronger plants. Most Fruit and Nut Trees are Grafted. When grown from seed plants develop better roots, they grow faster. Trees will start to bear fom 7-10 years, however, all seedling trees are mutants, which means that they may produce better – similar or not as good as parent stock – however macas are pretty reliable when grown from seed. Commercial plantations use grafted stok to produce consistant sized nuts for processing.

Frost and Hardiness: Established trees will handle minus 6 and maybe more. Small seedlings are frost susceptible so will require tree guard protection – for frost and extreme sunlight/heat. .

Planting: Year round with protection.

ULTRA TUBES: All Seedlings in Super Tubes are minimum 6 months old, 400mm including tube, however height will vary according to time of seeds sprouting.

Growth Rate:  Varies significantly according to soil type and location – rapid growth in North QLD – much slower in Victoria.

Natural Range and Soil Type: The Great Divide of Qld and NSW – from Canopy Forest – Rainforest

Predators: Sheep will eat growth tips off small seedlings. Cattle seem to avoid bigger seedlings/trees.

Macadamia Tree

PHOTO 1: Seedling in ground for 2 years in now starting to grow rapidly. Date of Photo. August 2022

Macadamia Tree

PHOTO 2: Fruit of Mother Tree from which seed is sourced. Every nut is a different size and shape – which in turn produces a diverse crop of seedlings.

Macadamia Tree

PHOTO 3: Macadamia Mother Tree was grown from seed – under natural conditions these trees form multiple trunks.

Macadamia Tree

PHOTO 2: Seedling planted next to Old Man Saltbush provides frost protection. Saltbush roots are established providing ease of establishment for small macadamia roots. Date of Photo: Sept. 2022


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