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Ground Worker Weeds  = Information Page Only = Not for Sale

Number ONE Weed Like Ag Crop is Barrel Medic Clover that will persist with management every Cool Season

Marshmallow + Wild Parsley + Wire Weed + Pig Weed + Succulents + Burr Clover 

Many Weeds are beneficial ground workers that grow like weeds = You already have weeds = learn how to mange weeds to boost soil fertility and increase Garden Food Crop Production.  

Weeds have evolved with human settlements – they are the plants that take advantage of disturbed soil.

GO TO: Ground Workers for Garden Food Crops PDF  which includes content on how these special plants are selected and encouraged. Ground Workers is a Free INFO Service to all GG Customers that elect to OPT In and receive the Series via email.                                

Form and Function: Any thing but grass – the best weeds are soft herbaceous plants that grow as ground creepers or they are tall with a spike root.

Fodder: Many weeds are suitable for livestock fodder – what cattle may not eat sheep will …etc…

Mulch: Annuals will self mulches if left alone. OR: You can use a mattock to make a single cut on its tap root to let it die off early in season.

Add: To fermenting liquid fertilisers. Pull up entire plants and use as a cover on mulch piles

People: Many weeds have a history from Folk Medicine Remedies = many claims are not true and potentially harmful.

Planting Window: Cool and warm season weeds.  Weeds will build up a seed bank to persist naturally in gardens – let the ones you want go to seed.

Seed Supplied: Currently not selling any seed

Germination Rate: Some seeds will persist in soils for up to twenty years waiting for ideal moisture/warmth/cold

Maturity:  Many weeds are fast opportunistic plants that can grow and set seed within 6 – 12 weeks

Suitable Soil Type: Weeds match soil type.

Planting Methods: Cultivated soil seems to activate many weeds.

Marshmallow Seeds

Photo 1: Marshmallow plant reaches maturity by about Sept. Large full size plants weigh 10 kg or more. Cut off at root and use as a mulch cover for “Turkeys Nests” Date of Photo: June 2020

Marshmallow Seeds

Photo 1b: Sometimes known as Maynes Pest ? this blue flowered plant is Glandularia aristigera and is handy sheep fodder. It appears in overgrazed country – and is the first of natures tools to restore soil fertility and to act as a cover for grass seed to germinate. Always encouraged in The Long Yard Garden.- then left to dry off or pulled as mulch. Good bee fodder. Date of Photo: June 2020

Marshmallow Seeds

Photo 2: One full size Marshmallow plant can cover 1 metre square. Sprinkle the right type of seed in here (august) for Spring and the decaying marshmallow will create a no till seed bed.   Date of Photo: June 2020


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