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Mediterranean Cypress Tree Seedlings for Sale


Mediterranean Cypress Tree – First Supply Limited Stock

Cupressus sempervirens

Form: Hardy Cypress – Evergreen

Functions: Shade + Wind + Frost Protection.

Frost and Hardiness: Local trees thrive once established without any supplementary watering. All types of Cypress are renowned for drought tolerance. Recommend tree guard to establish to keep frost off first few years.

Planting:  Year round with tree guards.

SUPER TUBES: All Seedlings in Super Tubes are minimum 9 months old, current height 300mm including tube.

Growth Rate: Unknown until 2020

Natural Range and Soil Type: Mediterranean – Mountians. Mother Tree is growing in fertile red soil.

Predators: Sheep will eat small seedlings.

Mediterranean Cypress Tree

PHOTO 1: These trees are upwards to 20-25 metres tall – according to a local old timer – they were planted 40 years ago – location is Town of Kumbia  near Kingaroy in Qld.

Mediterranean Cypress Tree

PHOTO 2: Dense evergreen foliage


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