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BOX of 2 + 4 + 16 Moreton Bays Super Tubes ALSO Box of 9 Forest Tubes
(OR 2 Moreton’s plus 2 Port Jacksons as a Single Box of 4)

Use Notify Me Below for other Size Boxes due soon – Grown from Sept 2023 Seed to 400 mm Tall inc Tube. Place your Order Below – Recommend PORT JACKSON FIGS see Link Above = ALSO Well-Suited Inland Australia


Ficus macrophylla Moreton Bay Figs 160 mm Super Tubes.

Shade Tree Guards are Best for small seedlings.  ORDER at BOTTOM of PAGE      

Form: : All Softwood, no value of timber. All large trees with extensive root systems.

Functions: Produce bulk leaf litter, fruit feeds birds, bats, possums. Fill niches within all types of situation. Specimen Tree.

Frost and Hardiness: Large Leaf (aka Moreton Bay Fig) was planted into a stump in the Iron Bark Cypress Forest Ridge at Janahn 2006. Never affected by frost due to forest cover. Small Leaf Fig was planted 2010  in an open situation with tree guard is still developing roots, frost knocks every year, however in this district, at some stage they always develop the capacity to outgrow frost and then remain evergreen. A rock berm placed around seedlings in open situations will offset frost provided sufficient rock is used.

Planting: Warm Season is best, or year round with frost protection. May be best to wait until Spring.  The sooner you get them in the ground the faster they develop extensive roots.

ULTRA TUBES: We grow Moreton Bay Fig in EXTRA LONG 200mm Ultra Tubes to provide space for the vigorous root development. SEE PHOTO 1 for Ultra Tube comparison. 

Growth Rate: Varies significantly according to soil fertility and moisture. Year round growth in frost free areas. Small seedlings can grow 1 metre first full warm season under ideal conditions.

Long Lived: 100 to 700 Years.

Natural Range and Soil Type: Found in Bunya Mountains and more so on Eastern Fall of Divide. The Native Small Leaf Fig is found growing naturally close to Janahn Forest on the Western Side of The Great Divide.

Predators: Sheep will eat shoots. Other grazers unknown.

Morton Bay Fig

PHOTO 1a: These Figs are typical 4-6 months old – 250 to 300 mm in Forest Tubes + 400 mm Super Tubes. DATE of PHOTO: Jan. 2020.

Morton Bay Fig

PHOTO 1b: Base of  Giant Fig in Palm Springs National Park – Cooyar. QLD

Morton Bay Fig

PHOTO 1: Tray of 42 Forest Tubes 250 mm inc tube. To water fill the tray. DATE of PHOTO: OCT. 2019

Morton Bay Fig

PHOTO 2: Moreton Bay/Strangler Fig. Its original host tree has rotted away. You can plant a fig into a stump or next to a post inground for similar advantage. There is a Giant Fig in the Bunya Mountains with a gap so big in its trunk that you can ride a small horse throught it. The Base Trunk is as large as a sedan car. Figs will also grow well as stand alone trees.  LOCATION: BUNYA MTS RAINFOREST 40 km East Janahn Forest 

Morton Bay Fig

PHOTO 2a: Moreton Bay Fig at Janahn Forest planted under a Host Wilga Tree. Wilga provides frost protection so far to minus 7 degree C. Date of Photo: March 2022


PHOTO 3: Looking into Canopy of Fig – This is The Mother Tree of Moreton Bay Figs for Sale. About 25 metres wide and 30 metres tall. 100 years old.

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