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Mustard Seed for Sale – Currently Not Avail. Recommend Daikon Radish as All Round Cool Season Multi-Function Crop



Form and Function: Annual. Herb. Spice. Oil. Grows to 1 metre plus. Plants are soft, stalks gradually harden to the point where they are suitable for trellising beans in spring. Overplanted into Sweet Potato during Winter the stalks dry off in spring to provide dappled shade for the potato. Stalks can then stand until Feb-March.

Fodder: Favourite green pick for poultry. Good for Bees. Earthworm food when cut and laid.

Mulch: Slowly Self Mulches or hand harvest soft stems as needed.

Add: To fermenting liquid fertilisers.

People: Nice to have fresh seed to grind in a mortar for all types of cooking.

Planting Window: Cool Season. April to August.

Seed Supplied: Small Seed. 10 grams or less per square metre. Prolific producer of seed, easy to hand harvest and de-husk. One plant can produce a thousand or more seeds.

Germination Rate: 90%

Maturity: If planted early 5 months. If planted late maybe 3 to 4 months.

Suitable Soil Type: Well drained. Typically grown in heavier cultivated soils. Will prosper in nourished neutral gardens.

Planting Methods: Well tilled beds. Shallow planted in rows. Broadcast into frosted sweet potato beds then scuffle topsoil, water in well.

Pack n Post Rates: If you have purchased any item from our Catalogue the minimum Pack n Post Rate is $12.00. All Seed in Containers is added 10 cents per Seed Container. This way you can add extra to Seed Kits if you wish at minimal extra cost to any order.


Mustard interplanted with winter stalks of Desmanthus


3 beds of mustard in flower


Stalks dry off as seed ripens


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