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Bottle Tree Seedlings – Seedlings in 200mm Ultra Tubes are 500 mm tall including tube + Boxes of 9 Forest Tube Seedlings 300 mm Tall inc Tube = ORDER at Bottom of Page   

QLD NSW VIC ONLY – Seedlings Due Feb 2024 – Seed Kits available in Link Above

QLD Bottle Tree – Narrow Leaf

Brachychriton rupestris

Form: Soft Pithy Wood, Erect and bulbous to 6m. Spring and dry deciduous. Our current batch of seedlings are 450mm tall minimum including tube.

Functions: Ideal interplanter for an Inland Dry Rainforest. Flowers attract bees. Windbreak, Provides some frost protection for other species. Shade tree. Stock eat fallen leaves or leave to build up leaf litter.

Frost and Hardiness: Handles minus 10 C once established. Seedlings susceptible to frost occasionally if they are overfed with nitrates. Responds to base pruning when young if seedling is damaged. Regrows from root. Ultra-tough tree in dry times.

Planting: Year-round with tree guard minimum first year recommended, much longer for stock. Lest favoured tree for integrating with grazing, too slow. Good for House Yards. Maintain periodic watering. Needs less water than our other trees to establish. SUPER TUBES: We only grow in Super Tubes. Bottle Trees have a carrot like root that grows to half the depth of the trees height.

Growth Rate: With average rainfall seedling should be self-sufficient within 24 months.  Estimated age of tree in photo is 150 years. 2.5 metres wide. 6 m tall. Extra wet years accelerate growth. Responds well to biochar plug. Over 1 metre first 12 months, growth then slows. OTHER BOTTLE TREE SPECIES AVAILABLE HERE in our TREES for SALE Section are: Broadleaf Bottletree and Kurrajong. The Broadleaf is the fastest growing Bottle Tree.

Natural Range and Soil Type: 400 to 700mm rainfall zones throughout Inland Brigalow Belt and Vine Scrub of Great Divide. Grows in heavy black and light loam soils.

Predators: Livestock will kill small seedlings unless protected. Rabbits may eat seedlings.

Bottle Tree - Narrow Leaf

Looking up into Bottle Tree Canopy.

Bottle Tree - Narrow Leaf

This tree is 10 km NW of Janahn, over 2 m wide and is the Mother Tree of all of our Narrow Leaf Bottle Tree Seedlings.

Bottle Tree - Narrow Leaf

Narrow Leaf Foliage

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