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OLD MAN SALTBUSH Seed + Seed Kits with TUBE/TRAY with Propagation Notes in PDF – Order at Bottom of Page for Seeds.  Tube Kits are Super Efficient to Grow your own Seedlings 2 to 3 times per annum NEW SEED from OCTOBER ’23 is READY = Germination Rates EXCEEDS 90%. Strong Plump Seeds from Typical Bush in PHOTO 2 This Page. STORE Seed in FRIDGE/FREEZER for Several Years if Needed.

SEE PHOTO 2 Typical Bush in Seed + Plant into Trays then transplant into tubes OR Direct into Prepared Field over Winter SEE PHOTO 3a 

TO GROW and PLANT from TUBES requires 4-6 months lead time. START in Summer for WINTER Plantings.   

1000 Seeds $18 + $12 = $30 Delivered  

2000 Seeds $24 + $12 = $36 Delivered 

ALSO UNITS of 10,000 + 20,000 Saltbush Seeds in Carts Below

(2000 Seeds + 126 Empty Forest Tubes + 3 Trays = $140 Delivered + more sizes available below)


FREE SEED SAMPLES with EVERY Saltbush SEED ORDER + Includes a Green Leaf Fodder Sample Kit with Butterfly Pea (100 Seeds) + Hugh Desmanthus (500 Seeds) + Leucaena (100 Seeds) + Lucerne (500 Seeds) = Green Leaf Fodder is grown as Green Leaf for Chickens + Turkeys + Ducks + Geese. OPTION to SWITCH SEED by REQUEST to your Selection EG: Swap all 4 Seeds for One Seed Sample of Leucaena (400 Seeds) GO TO: GREEN LEAF FODDER SEED KITS 

PLUS FREE POLLEN/LEAF SAMPLE with EVERY SEED ORDER + SEE RECIPE Below = 1/2 Cup Pollen Sample Mix with Honey OR sprinkle on Cheese. 

Grow in Tubes or Direct Sow into Riplines or Gardens. PLEASE NOTE This is a LARGE BULKY PRODUCT to POST – so Pack n Post Rates Vary Accordingly.

G&G Saltbush SEED KITs gives you everything you need to successfully grown your own Saltbush from Seed. We include photographic instructions in a PDF showing our proven propagation methods. Strike seed year round with confidence. If want to grow saltbush from seed – to need to know how to strike/grow it.

 SEED STORES IN FRIDGE for at least 4 years.

BioChar (fine ground) + Sand + Fine Sawdust is the perfect seed cover for seed in trays. It is light enough to allow tiny seedlings to emerge while encouraging better root grip and development.   

CHOICE of SEED  and SEED KIT PRODUCT – ORDER Online Now at Bottom of Page

(B)  224 x 70 mm Tall Mini Tubes + 4 Trays + 2000 Seeds = ($140 inc Pack n Post)   

(C)  126 x 120 mm Tall Forest Tubes + 3 Trays + 2000 Seeds =  ($140 inc Pack n Post)

(E)  294 TUBES x 120 mm Tall Forest Tubes + 7 Trays + 10000 Seeds  =  ($320 inc Pack n Post)   

 Seed Establishment Methods (PDF Format via email) for Tubes and Direct Sowing of Seed into prepared Riplines – is AUTO INCLUDED with ALL SEED SALES   



REUSE TUBES and TRAYS – with Care will give you 5 Years of Service – Good for Growing Trees – Cuttings – Vegetable Seedlings.  Super Tubes provide for BIGGER STRONGER Seedlings that are Almost “FOOL PROOF” to Establish.

G&G also Sells Old Man Saltbush Seedlings that we deliver throughout Qld, NSW and Victoria.

As our Company Name suggests we integrate Grazing with Gardening. Within our Stories Section you will find information that is designed to help you make best use of your own knowledge base and resourses. With Saltbush Grazing, the Plant itself is not a Magic Bullet: Management and Long Term Planning is your Key to Success. TO ORDER SEED Delivered to your Door or Post Office – Go to Bottom of this Page – Germination Instructions Included. GERMINATION RATE From every 100 Seeds under ideal condition = 70 Seedlings.

It will take 4 – 6 months to start planting seedlings grown from seed in tubes – (varies according to management + water) – you may then keep seedlings in tubes for 12 months if needed. With grow rings you need to sow seed ideally in May (into prepared riplines) so then by first week June grow rings are removed and seedling is established in ground. Grow Rings are re-usable. Under ideal conditions you could use them 2-3 times over Winter. Everything is Labour = this is a process that requires diligence – small scale plantings are simple – larger scale plantings need a plan – moisture must be maintained to strike seed in ground – the grow ring makes this simple – you need to provide the labour.   

saltbush pollen

PHOTO 1: Old Man Saltbush Pollen differs to seed as there are male/female plants. Some plants produce more pollen than others – this is a typical high yielding bush loaded with pollen. Pollen attracts native bees. Date of Photo: Sept 23

RECIPE: Saltbush Pollen when dried is easily crumbled into small particles. MIX with Honey and Olive Oil to make a Natural Vitamin E Supplement. RECOMMEND eating in small quantities of 1/4 cup per day max. CURRENTLY NO KNOWN CLINICAL TRIALS to test safe upper limit of Old Man Saltbush Leaf/Pollen for Human Consumption. Pollen may be easier to digest verses leaf = unknown = what is known is the protein in saltbush leaf is a type of crude protein which is difficult for humans to digest. Most people can tolerate small quantities of saltbush protein. Ferment and cooking changes the protein structure to make it more digestible. Market potential for pollen may lay in its Natural Vitamin E content for better skin. YOU Can Do Your Own Research.        


PHOTO 2: Old Man Saltbush in Seed. Seed quantity is many time more on some saltbush. All harvested seed is from our best TOP 10 Saltbush Plants. These plants are the best bulk producers of seed + pollen + leaf. Germination rates exceed 90%. Date of Photo: September

Seed Kits

PHOTO 3: Standard Tray with Forest Tube Stock to Left – Super Tube Stock to Right – Mini Tubes in Front. All seedlings are at different growth stages. The seedlings in the Mini Tubes are only a few days old.  TRAYS Hold 20 Super Tubes – 42 Forest Tubes – 56 Mini Tubes – All you need is a safe space with shade from a tree and place trays on ground or in a nursery.

PHOTO 3a: 50 mm Poly Pipe cut 20mm to make a Grow Ring – inside the ring you place seed – it is then covered with fine ground BioChar/Fine Sawdust/Sand MIX as part of the process of establishing Saltbush by direct sowing into riplines or gardens. Once the saltbush is about 8-10 weeks old the grow ring is removed and re-used as needed. THIS IS A GAME CHANGER for Direct Sowing of Saltbush Seed – Suitable Cool Season Plantings Only.

You may also make a shallow divot for seed – then cover with wood shavings or any suitable mix. Seed must be kept moist – every day if needed until it strikes. SEED is Soaked for up to 3 to 5 days prior to planting to ensure germination. Seedlings require regular attention to ensure success. PROCESS is explained in Seed Notes. BEST to EXPERIMENT FIRST for LARGE SCALE PLANTINGS

Seed Kits

PHOTO 4: Old Man Saltbush Seedings in Forest Tubes pruned to 200mm all about 7 months old. TO WATER SEEDLINGS – Fill Trays with Water.

Seed Kits

PHOTO 5: Old Man Saltbush Seedlings emerge from a tray – they are then transplanted into tubes – OR – you may plant seed direct into tubes. Detailed Notes and Photos Supplied with all Seed Orders in PDF Format via Email.

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