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Egyptian Papyrus for Sale – Currently Selling Seed ONLY in Lots of 2000 Seeds (Small + Light Weight Seeds)  – Easy to strike in a tub of mud with shade cover OR Sprinkle onto muddy edge of waterhole. Plants will rapidly spread once established. From 2000 Seeds you can grow 100 Plus Plants with ease.




Form: Slender Stalk of Papyrus grows to 1.8 metres tall with a dense base of multiple leaves growing to 500mm. If introduced as a single species to a dam it will dominate and form a thicket around the circumference of the waterhole. Grows in water and on waters edge.

Functions: Stabilises dam walls – provides habitat for small reed birds eg: Wrens – provides nesting sites for ducks and wading birds. Shade and habitat for small fish. Absorbs nutrients from water that may then be transferred via plants cut for mulch.

Frost and Hardiness: Grows year round although slower in winter. Livestock will eat established plants and they always persist if allowed to recover. Where Bulrush is established papyrus will not dominate – it will however persist as an interplant species.

Planting: Warm Season is best – plant into waters edge.

Product: Seed supplied in Air Tight Containers

Growth Rate and Natural Reproduction: Plants will develop into full size within 12 – 18 months. Individual plants produce seed that floats and will rapidly colonise watercourses if all ideal conditions are provided.

Natural Range and Soil Type: River Nile – heavy alluvial soils – responds to nutrients added to water.

Predators:  Grazing animals tend to avoid mature plants — yet will almost nibble little seedlings.

Papyrus Plants

PHOTO 1: Plants are grown from seed – may then separated into Super Tubes or lodged into dam wall. This density of seedlings will be seen on waters edge – then over time larger single plants will dominate.

Papyrus Plants


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