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Pecan Seedlings for Sale – Grown from May 2023 Seed  – Order Online at Bottom of Page + Leucaena Seed Free Sample 500 Seeds with every Pecan Order = USE Leucaena as a companion to establish other trees with: See LINK ABOVE Best Tree Planting Method


Pecan – Grown from Riverside Variety Seed.  These trees are prolific producers. Often planted amongst other grafted trees. 450mm Tall including Super Tube minimum.

PECANS are Part of a Bunya + English Oak + Pecan Forest being developed at Janahn Forest – 100 Acres East of Jimbour – Australia. These 3 trees all have the potential to live for hundreds of years. They are ultra deep tap rooted. They are readily integrated with grazing animals. Progress of these Tall + Long Lived Trees is recorded in “Adgingbongs and Waterholes” a Subscription Service provided by G+G.

ADGINGBONGS are shallow waterholes of assorted shapes made to store water from rainfall in deep in-ground reserves. Within each hectare of Adgingbong up to 15 million litres of water is stored in the first 5 metres depth of ground. This water is only available to deep tap rooted trees. Some of this water is also returned to the Great Artesian Basin.

Carya illinoinensis

Form: : Deep tap root to 3 metres – grows to 10 metres. Deciduous. Spreading roots evolved in alluvial soils near creeks and rivers. Long lived to 300 years.

Functions: Produce bulk leaf litter. High Fat Content Nuts. PART of OUR 300 Year Tree Planting Program at Janahn Forest – Jimbour.  These trees grown from seed will assist pollinatiom of grafted pecans. Magnifant shade maker.

Frost and Hardiness: Thrives with Cold Winter and Hot Summer climate. Substantial Pecan Orchards near Moree in Northern NSW. Also Mundubbera in QLD. Hardiest trees are grown from seed.

Planting: Warm Season. Oct – Feb is ideal.

SUPER TUBES: All Stock in Super Tubes.

Growth Rate: To 4-5 metres within 10 years.

Natural Range and Soil Type: North America and Mexico. Deep alluvial soils especially around Rivers + Streams.

Predators: Sheep/Cattle will eat small trees. Trees need to be pruned above grazing height.


PHOTO 1: Signs of Autumn. Pecan pruned above grazing height of sheep and small cattle. This tree lost its leaves in Febuary 2019 – then regrew it leaves after 100 mm of rain in March ’19. Updates of this trees progress available. SEE MORE in Adgingbong and Waterholes Research Series provided as a Free No Cost Service to Pecan Tree Buyers. DATE of PHOTO: June 2019.


PHOTO 2: Pecan Nuts or Seeds. Riverside Pecan Seed is same weight as a Grafted Pecan – shape is longer and thinner.

Grow a Tree Hole

PHOTO 2a: New planting of Pecan with Sod Busting Clump of Leucaena.

Grow a Tree Hole

PHOTO 2b: Riverside Seedlings are grown over Winter to emerge in August/Sept. These seedlings are about 6 weeks old. Date of Photo: Sept 2022


PHOTO 3: This billabong fills from overflow from main dam. When full of water its depth is 2 metres. This is a planting site for Pecans and Date Palms.   DATE of PHOTO: July 2019.


PHOTO 4: This is an Adgingbong that provides deep sub soil reserves of soaked water for selected tree crops. Within our Adgingbong Paddock there is 700 metres Length of Adgingbong currently being developed as an Integrated Grazing + Tree Crop Production Unit. DATE of PHOTO: July 2019.


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