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Pepperina Tree Seedlings for Sale – New TUBE STOCK from January Seed now 250 -300 mm Tall inc Tube + Will Grow up to 1.5 metres before Winter. Frost Hardy Tree to at least minus 5 C.


Pepperina Tree

Schinus molle

Form: Evergreen Tree to 8 metres – and 10-12 metres wide.

Functions: Grown for shade – well known tree around sheep yards in Western Qld and NSW.

Frost and Hardiness: All local trees are evergreen during extreme dry periods and winter. OTHER HARDY TREE SPECIES include Belah see link above.

Planting: First seedling planted into a minus 5 frost in tree guard were OK then survived the next night of minus 2 without tree guard. Seedlings are vigorous and strong – water is best fertiliser. AVOID alkiline soils especially from excess charcoal – prefers humus as soil conditioner – composted sheep/cow manure is ideal with wood shavings. Feed more nitrogen long term if required.

Product: Limited Stock — Difficult Tree to propagate – more seedlings due Dec 2022

SUPER TUBES: All Seedlings in Super Tubes are minimum 5 months old – 300 mm tall including Super Tube

Growth Rate: Trees planted in local stockyards have grown to 2.5 metres tall after 2 years.

Natural Range and Soil Type: Grows locally in the heavy black clay soils of The Darling Downs.

Predators: Livestock usually known to avoid mature trees – NOT Tested here with seedlings/sheep yet.

Pepperina Tree

PHOTO 1: Distinctive base of a full size tree.

Pepperina Tree

PHOTO 2: Distinctive Filagree of Canopy

Pepperina Tree

PHOTO 3: Full size trees grow to 6-8 metres.


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