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Pitaya aka (Peruvian Apple Cactus) Grown from Seed – Plant Year Round (Frost Resistant) as a Hedge for Shade in Food Crop Gardens or Stand Alone for Fruit – BOX of 6 – 300 to 400 mm Long $68 Delivered Order at Bottom of Page 

You can also propagate from new shoots – easy to multiply.

This is the Only Orchard Fruit that can grow and prosper on rainfall in this a 600mm rainfall zone. Established plants have survived the driest low rainfall years  without supplementary water. Grown as Commercial Orchard Crop in Israel. NO KNOWN INSECT PESTS with High Quality Sweet Crunchy Fruit. Stock Safe once established.  Individuals can live for 40 years – “Never Dies” if you replant “suckers”.


Cereus peruvianus

Form and Function: Evergreen succulent up to 4 metres tall. This variety has been grown in this area for 25 years – it has never shown any sign of insect attack – as Prickly Pear and Tuna Cactus will do from the cactoblastis moth and grub. Pitaya yields a soft edible fruit – it is habitat for small birds. ORIGINAL Plant was from Red Soil/High Rainfall Mapleton Qld. NEEDS well drained soil in high rainfall.

RESEARCH: Single plants can grow 500mm tall first 6 months with regular small amounts of water every few days. Very water efficient plant. Establishing a Hedge (Spring 2022) with each Pitaya 400mm apart aligned North South to create Max. Shade within Turkey Nest Garden Section. Advantage of shade and wind protection for garden food crops with minimum water competition.

Frost and Hardiness: Unaffected by frost at all life stages. Handles minus 10. Super drought tolerant once established by about 12 – 24 months. May need regular water to establish depending upon seasonal conditions.

People: Renowned fruit from South America. Prickle Free Fruit – Cultivated in Orchards especially Israel. Soft fruit to size of Cricket Ball.

Planting Window: Cool season is best. Ok to plant year round with more regular water in summer.

Maturity: Up to ten years for full size.

Suitable Soil Type: Grows in heavy black clay and loam and gravel. Not tested in pure sand.

Planting Methods: All Pitaya Pups are grown from seed only. You can propagate from a branch – however all Stock for Sale is Seed Grown Only.

Pitaya Cactus

PHOTO 1:  2 Metre Tall same Cactus from Photo 1a below. This section of the Long Yard Garden is being developed as Turkey Habitat. Old Man Saltbush provides cover for the Turkeys to nest. New Shoots can be taken as “pups” to grow as individual plants. Date of Photo: December 2021

Pitaya Cactus

PHOTO 1a: Pitaya Cactus planted 3 years ago in flower for first time. You can induce the Pitaya to fruit several times each year by applying lots of water. DATE of PHOTO: October 2019

Pitaya Cactus

PHOTO 3: These Micro Cactus Seedlings are 3 months old. From here they are transplanted into tubes until about 9 months of age when they will be about 200 mm long.

Pitaya Cactus

PHOTO 2: Fruit has a leather like edible skin with sweet crunchy insides.

Pitaya Cactus

PHOTO 2a: Pitaya Cactus Flower.

Pitaya Cactus

PHOTO 3: Pitaya Cactus in Flower.

Pitaya Cactus

PHOTO 3a: Pitaya Cactus in Fruit – you can induce flowering twice a year with watering if dry. This is same cactus from all other photos – has doubled in size over last 9-12 months due to extra applied water and feeding. Full size plants could yield upyo 1000 fruits per annum. DATE of PHOTO: 12/12/2020

Pitaya Cactus

PHOTO 4: These Pitaya (grown from seed) are removed from tubes – soil washed away – packed in wood shavings to post as they will topple over in transit if left in tubes.


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