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A selection of some of the most useful multi-purpose plant species available. These plants are easy to propagate and multiple once you establish your own patch.  Our Custom Made Boxes ensure safe delivery of your plants to your Door or Post Office.

We guarantee safe delivery. QLD + NSW + Victoria  3-5 Days in Transit   

Plants for Sale

gardeners graziers

PHOTO 1: GG includes 4 Seed Samples FREE with Every Plant Order. YOU Will FIND a LINK with Current Contents of Your Seed Sample on Every PLANT Page.

vetiver grass

PHOTO 3: Perimeter Hedge of Vetiver Grass. Vetiver is a Sterile Tall Tussock Grass planted here as a barrier against grasses. Only the garden side is cultivated. This hedge is now 9 months old and has just been pruned after Winter. Vetiver will grow to 1.5 metres on average. Vetiver grows only from divisions. It is a constant source of mulch for this Food Crop Garden. Clumps of Leucaena in foreground will grow to 2 metres and are a source of Green Leaf Fodder + Woody Mulch. DATE of PHOTO: Sept 23

old man saltbush

PHOTO 3a: Saltbush with companion Belah Tree both planted 10 years ago. Saltbush has recently been grazed by small cattle. This saltbush is currently in seed. SALTBUSH in FLOWER attracts Native Bees. You can hand harvest the female flowers and add to chickens mash.   

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