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PHOTO 1: Fruit from this seedling that was grown from seed. Same tree now in year 5 will produce upwards of 80 fruit by March 2024. To realise full fruit potential trees will require applied water. Some soils will produce without irrigation – usually 900 mm plus rainfall zones. Poms grown from seed will bear fruit from year 3.

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Pomegranate Tree 

Pyrus spp

Form: Softwood, to 3 metres. Winter deciduous.

Functions: Yet to be 100% proven suitable for integrating with grazing according to methods practiced at Janahn. Early plantings failed due to inappropriate tree guards.  With new stock proof tree guards we can better shape and prune to suit. Pomegranate have always grown well in this part of the country, known to grow in black soil. WHY grow from SEED: Better and stronger plants. Most Fruit and Nut Trees are Grafted. When grown from seed plants develop better roots, they grow faster. Trees will take longer to bear, however, all seedling trees are mutants, which means that they may produce better or worst than parent stock. With seedling trees we can shape them much more to suit integrated grazing and gardening.

Frost and Hardiness: Handles minus 10 C. Seedlings have fast growing roots, after leaves emerge roots can grow 150mm in 3 weeks.

Planting: Warm Season. Using long narrow tree guards to encourage straight growth to expedite canopy development above grazing height.

Product: if supplied by our Nursery during Cool Season, Seedlings may be devoid of leaves, until Spring.

SUPER TUBES: Seedlings in Super Tubes are now 5 months old – 400 mm Tall including Super Tube as of 20/02/20.

Growth Rate: Seedlings planted October 2017 grew to 1.2 metres by End of April 2018.

Natural Range and Soil Type: Mediterranean. Known to grow well in heavy black soil. Does well in loam.

Predators: To date only tested with sheep. Sheep will eat leaves, must be protected until above grazing height.

Pomegranate Tree

PHOTO 1: Pomegranate grown from seed in 2022 – See Same Tree in Photo 2 Below.


PHOTO 2: Pomegranate to left of Black Mulberry – Pom is now being base pruned with sheep. Date of Photo Dec. 2023


PHOTO 3: Base of Pom after Sheep have pruned it.


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