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Port Jackson Figs from Seed planted Dec. 23 in Super Tubes now up to 400 mm inc Tube. Box of 16 weighs 14 kg. PLUS Forest TUBE Seedlings suitable to repot.


Ficus rubiginosa

Form: : All Softwood, no value of timber. All large trees with extensive root systems.

Functions: Produce bulk leaf litter, fruit feeds birds, bats, possums. Fill niches within all types of situation. Specimen Tree.

Frost and Hardiness: Can handle down to minus 4 C with ease planted with tree guard. When planted under a Wilga tree they have survived minus 7 C first year no leaf damage.  A rock berm placed around seedlings in open situations will offset frost provided sufficient rock is used. Large trees in district are evergreen – with no frost damage – can drop bulk leaf litter in Spring.

Planting: Warm Season is best, or year round with frost protection. May be best to wait until Spring. The sooner you get them in the ground the faster they develop extensive roots.

Super TUBES are 160 mm long:  Current height of seedlings Spring 23 is 350 to 400 mm inc tube.  Forest Tubes suitable re-potting or plant into protected tree guard.

Growth Rate: In frost free areas up to 3 metres tall within 5 years.

Long Lived: 500 years plus.

Natural Range and Soil Type: Small and Large Leaf found in Bunya Mountains and more so on Eastern Fall of Divide. Small Leaf Fig is also found growing naturally close to Janahn Forest. Originally part of dense vine scrub country on Western Fall of Great Divide.

Predators: Sheep would eat shoots. All grazers will eat small seedlings. Marsupials are unknown but caution is recommended.

Native Fig

PHOTO 1: Port Jackson Fig 20 km east of Janahn Forest – Jimbour Q.

port jackson figs

PHOTO 2: Port Jackson Fig on Red Soil Darling Downs Qld. Width of trunk is 1 metre. Height of Fig is 12 metres. Age is maybe 100 years.

port jackson figs

PHOTO 3: Port Jackson Figs from seed planted Feb 2023 now 400mm tall in Super Tubes with Forest Tube Stock to Left. Date of Photo: Sept 23

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