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Access New Methods of Working The Land integrating Woodlands + Gardens + Poultry + Sheep + Cattle. Below are Starter Pages with an Option to Access More Research + Relevant Product.

Use Logic to Turn Atmospheric Carbon + Nitrogen into Organic Humus + Plants + Livestock.  

 (R) Below on Links Indicates the Material is READY to READ –  some content will be limited until updates completed Sept ’23. This is a New Research Customer Service. 

Research from Gardeners & Graziers

Silky Oak shaped and pruned is well above grazing height. It is 7 years old growing in its preferred soil type of sandy loam. This tree is part of a Double Row aligned North South to cast afternoon shade over an establish section of tree crops. Old Man Saltbush in background.
GO TO: Establishing New Forests with Grazing


Fresh Water Flood Plain Mussels from Inland Queensland can breed in Still Water Dams and Hibernate in Mud if the dam dries up. Long Lived up 100 Years.
GO TO: Livestock for Waterholes RESEARCH

Research from Gardeners & Graziers

Bull Grazing Wynn Cassia. Suitable groundcover for tree crops on light sandy soils.  Grazing determines which ground covers can dominate according to soil type.
GO TO: Orchard Groundcovers

Research from Gardeners & Graziers

Calves weaned at 100 days in a Dedicated Section of Old Man Saltbush. Calves seek out Saltbush as a milk protein replacement. Over the next 30 days they will continue to gain weight in this dedicated weaner paddock.
GO TO: Saltbush for Calves and Lambs

Research from Gardeners & Graziers

Double Cropping with Turkey Nest in centre prepared for Spring planting of Pumpkin. Circumference of Nest is now ready to plant with Daikon Radish for Winter.
GO TO Part 1 Double Crop Garden Methods

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