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River She-Oak Seedlings for Sale – Current in Stock Forest Tubes 300mm Tall + including tube

QLD NSW VIC ONLY – ORDER at Bottom of Page

River She-Oak

Casuarina cunninghamiana

Form: Evergreen Tree to 10 metres. Softwood. Trunks up to 500mm wide. Commonly found as dense clusters along creeks and streams.

Functions: Our objective is to plant strategic clusters around and near the dam and adgingbong system as part of a frost free zone for macadamias.

Frost and Hardiness: Seed from trees where Winter Temp. falls to minus 7. Typically found in areas where long dry periods are common.

Planting: Year round with protection .

Product: Supplied in Forest Tubes and Super Tubes.

Growth Rate: Under ideal conditions – 6 metres within 10 years. Grows faster than Belah

Natural Range and Soil Type: Along creeks and streams of The Great Dividing Range, on both sides.

Predators: Most grazers would nipple small seedlings. Rabbits + Hares + Wallabies

River She-Oak

PHOTO 1: River She-Oak on a small creek crossing in the Foothills of the Bunya Mountains

River She-Oak

PHOTO 2: River She-Oak foilage. Seed is about half the size of Belah Seed.

River She-Oak

PHOTO 2a River She-Oak now 12 years old + 5 metres tall in Adgingbong Paddock. Pruned to be above grazing height of small cattle. Date of Photo: 2022

River She-Oak

PHOTO 3: River She-Oak on a gully near Bunya Mountains.

River She-Oak

PHOTO 4: River She-Oak Seedlings in Super Tubes – here they are 400mm tall.


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