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Stone Pine Tree Seedlings for Sale –


Italian Stone Pine

Pinus pinea

Form: Evergreen conifer grows to 6 metres plus

Functions: Useful as frost break. Edible seeds. Cones are kindling. Habitat and fodder for parrots. When planted on a 10-12 metre grid it is considered a safe fire tree once lateral branches are pruned.

Frost and Hardiness: Considered a tough tree – it actually likes soft loam – it is very hardy during dry times once established.

Planting: Year round. Needs tree guard ideally first 12 months.

SUPER TUBES: All seedlings are 600 mm tall in Super Tubes.

Growth Rate: Best trees may be 2 metres within 3-4 years.Growth varies according to soil type.

Long Lived: 100 years plus.

Natural Range and Soil Type: European. Well drained mountain soils. Lighter loams ideal. Red scrub soils.

Predators: Sheep will eat small trees yet now avoid 10 year old trees.

Stone Pine

PHOTO 1: 10 year old Stone Pine at Janahn Forest.

Stone Pine

PHOTO 2: Stone Pine Seedling in Super Tubes about 500-600 mm Tall including Tube.


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